December 27, 2013



P-N-G Defence Force soldiers and police deployed to Hela, were reminded of their task to maintain law and order and ensure no disturbances to the L-N-G project.

Tari-Pori M-P and Minister for Finance and Education, James Marape said this to both members of the disciplined forces, during a reconciliation ceremony, on Wednesday.

Hela acting Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Mark Yangen says, Mr. Marape initiated the peace ceremony at his village, following the recent stand-off between soldiers and policemen in Tari.

Superintendent Yangen says, Mr. Marape and Koroba-Lake Kopiago M-P, also gave 12-thousand Kina each, to the Defence and Police forces.

"Member for Tari-Pori and the minister for finance and education minister James Marape, he came down and he slaughtered 5 pigs and then got the defence and police together so we went there and we talked and Mr Marape just told us, that you know, the police are here, defence are here, LLG police are here, we are here for one purpose and that is to maintain law and order in the Hela province and same time make sure that not disturbances to the LNG project.

"He said we have to say sorry to each other, and forgive each other, so we shook hands with the defence and we all, you know, mipla toksori go kam", Mr. Yangen said.


Andrian Lam                                Mal Meninga 
Newly appointed Chairman of the PNGRFL and former Deputy Chairman Sandis Tsaka said in 2013 the programme is targeted to prepare the PNG Kumuls Team to participate and compete at the World Cup in England.

Mr. Tsaka says while results for the Kumuls was quite disappointing, it was a reality check and a honest reflection of the standard of the game in PNG, compared to other rugby league playing nations.

He says the new PNGRFL leadership is determined to improve the game's standard, so PNG can be competitive on the world stage.

He said, to do this, the PNGRFL is in consultation with key stake-holders including the affiliate leagues, corporate sponsors and the government to review Team Kumul structure.

In a PNGRFL board meeting this week, approved recommendations for the restructure of the Team Kumuls programme, have been set for the next four years. 

Mr. Tsaka says, the key difference between the old Team Kumul and the new Team Kumul structure is that the old structure was directed at preparing the Kumuls for the World Cup only, whilst the new Team Kumul structure is a whole of rugby league approach, to improve the standard of the game in PNG. 

Under this review and structure, all technical officials and management engaged under the old Kumuls programme, have had their contracts terminated by the PNGRFL Board. 

This also includes the termination of Mr Adrian Lam as Kumuls coach. 

Lam now is being replaced by Mal Meninga as the new Kumuls coach.



Public servants in Papua New Guinea are to get 7 point five percent pay increases each year for the next 3 years after a deal signed in Port Moresby last week.

The agreement was signed by the Department of Personnel Management and the Public Employees Association and comes after 5 months of negotiations.

It represents a significant improvement in terms and conditions for public servants with allowances and other benefits, redundancy and the maintenance of harmonious industrial relations also covered.

Teachers and police were excluded from the salary increases because they had already received the same deal in separate adjustments.

December 23, 2013

Church association backs Zurenuoc

Church association backs Zurenuoc

PNG Parliament carvings. Getty Images
THE Kulga for Jesus Association, representing more than 15,000 people in Nebilyer Valley, near Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, has thrown its support behind parliament Speaker Theo Zurenuoc and the parliamentary committee’s decision to remove traditional carvings from parliament.
Association executives pastors Francis Bomundi, Joseph Maip, Marcus Toi, Steven Brassand  Amos Melpa, councillor Tony Wek, Dr Fred Wurr and Benson Kewa said in a statement last Friday that they were not against Papua New Guinea’s traditional culture but against the living spirits with fixed abodes in parliament.
The executives are from PNG Christian Fellowship, PNG Bible Church, Lutheran Church, International Full Gospel Ministries and Baptist Church, criticised the Catholic Bishop’s Conference for opposing the Speaker’s action in the media last week.
“We respect your constitutionally guaranteed right and freedom of religion but when you stand before God, the constitution won’t defend you,” they said.
“Cultures were never given by the God of Heaven, who is the God of the Bible.
“Cultures began in Genesis 11 when God came down and confused the people so they spoke different languages and that was when cultures and traditions began.
“We have to speak against political leaders who are stealing millions of kina and causing too much pain and suffering in this nation, and not the Speaker and his team who are honouring God by trying to get rid of demonic presence through those carvings in parliament.” 
The association appealed to “Bible-believing churches and truth-preaching churches to rise up in fasting and praying against people who were against God’s will and those who were talking like atheists”.
Despite criticisms, Zurenuoc is intent on ‘cleansing’ the parliament.
He said the carvings represented ungodly spirits like witchcraft, which would be replaced with a National Unity Pole that would contain a Bible, a copy of the Constitution and an everlasting flame to represent God’s Word. The National
PNG Police Commissioner announces pay increase for Police

PNG Police Commissioner announces pay increase for Police

PUBLIC safety will be the main focus of the police next year, Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga says.
Speaking at the police end of year parade in Port Moresby last Friday, Kulunga said resourcing the force and front line policing would be emphasised in the New Year.
He announced a 7.5% pay increase annually for police officers for the next three years.
He said the Government had boosted the morale of the force by pumping in K276 million over a five-year period, which will produce significant improvements, including an increase in the number of officers in the nation’s capital to 8,000 by 2015.
“This is a very important and critical area of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, which has been neglected for too long. We have been focusing on specialist branches to the neglect of public safety,” Kulunga said. 
“In terms of police infrastructure, we have built and will continue to build new police barracks and stations around the country as well as maintain police facilities.”
Kulunga highlighted the year’s achievements in the force, which included the PNG-Australia Policing Partnership and the reopening of the recruit training programme after more than 10 years.

One PNG / The national

December 22, 2013

PNG Finance Minister denies claims

PNG Finance Minister denies claims

FINANCE Minister James Marape has denied allegations that the Finance Department made an illegal payment of K2 million to a Lae-based company from the District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) funds for Bulolo, Morobe.
Marape said he had no relations or any dealings with the owner of Power Boss Ltd, which supplies energy to business houses and project sites. 
The allegations were made recently by Bulolo MP Sam Basil, which led to the harassment of Lae-based reporters who tried to get a response from the businessman.
Marape explained that the K2 million came from the Business Development Grant following a submission to the finance and planning departments, which was approved for a landowner group from the Hides PDL1 area in Hela.
“My record shows me the K2 million cheque was paid for a landowner project so Sam Basil can be rest assured that it wasn’t money meant for Bulolo diverted,” he said.
Power Boss said last week the payment was part of a K31 million project approved by the Government to undertake energy projects throughout the country.
However, Marape said he was not aware of the K31 million project and would check with his department. 
“A series of exchange of correspondence took place prior to payment being released so I got no issue with this one,” Marape said.
“As long as money is being budgeted for and submissions virtued by the department, then a series of exchange take place. They don’t just come overnight and I decide which one they pay,” Marape said.
He added that Basil should report the matter to relevant bodies such as the Fraud squad and Taskforce Sweep to investigate if he had an issue with the payment.
Marape urged Basil to discuss the matter with him at his office in Vulupindi Haus. 

The National
Prisoners walk to freedom in PNG

Prisoners walk to freedom in PNG

TWO prisoners walked to freedom early this year soon after the Kundiawa District Court sentenced them to two years’ hard labour for wilfully damaging properties.
Genai Waiya and Martin Aina from the Mogoma village in Kundiawa, Chimbu, were found guilty of wilfully and unlawfully destroying the front windscreen, side and back window and mirrors of a vehicle belonging to Paul Nime.
The court found them guilty and sentenced them to two years imprisonment with hard labour on March 28, to be served at Barawagi jail in Kerowagi district.
However, they walked mysteriously to freedom while waiting at the Kundiawa police cell to be shifted to Barawagi jail, according to complainant Nime.
He said no one at the police station raised any alarm until he inquired to confirm what he heard from community members that Waiya and Aina were free in the village.
“They walked to freedom between the court house and police cell blocks and whether they were released to Barawagi jail is a question yet to be answered,” Nime said.
He said there was fear that the two might take revenge on him and his family and called on the Chimbu provincial police commander Supt Augustine Wampe to investigate.
Nime called for an immediate arrest of the two.
Wampe said there were instances when prisoners at the police cell were released by corrupt officers.
He said he had not received any reports of the escape of the two prisoners but will institute an immediate internal investigation to find out how they escaped.

ONE PNG / The national
Final Aussie police contingent arrives in PNG

Final Aussie police contingent arrives in PNG

THE FINAL contingent of Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers arrived at Jackson International Airport in the nation’s capital on Saturday.
The 10 officers will be working alongside their counterparts in community policing operations in Port Moresby and Lae under the PNG-Australian Policing Partnership (PNG-APP).
AFP Assistant Commissioner Alan Scott said there were now 62 Australian police officers working in PNG.
“We have met the Australian Government’s promise of an additional 50 AFP officers to be working in PNG by the end of this year,” Scott said.
“Now that a full contingent is here, we are looking forward to working in partnership with the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) to assist in developing their highly visible policing force.”
Scott said the PNG-APP will continue to provide assistance to the RPNGC to achieve its modernisation programme.
“Since the first group of 30 officers arrived in November, we have been working very closely with our RPNGC colleagues,” Scott said.
“The goal of our enhanced mission is, in partnership with RPNGC, to continue to develop the capacity of the RPNGC to provide sustainable and quality policing,” he said.
Australian High Commissioner, Deborah Stokes said partnership was at the heart of the deployment.
“The expanded police partnership is a demonstration of the closeness of our two nations and our shared commitment to the rule of law and democratic values and institutions.
“It takes place in the context of wide-ranging cooperation between Australia and PNG in the law and justice sector.”
Stokes said some impressive results, including the revitalisation of village courts, strong infrastructure development and an establishment of a number of family and sexual violence units at police stations across the country, had been achieved by this partnership.
The AFP officers do not have policing power in PNG, but provide advice, guidance and assistance for a range of day-to-day matters.

December 17, 2013

Procedures for importing into PNG : PNG Customs

Procedures for importing into PNG : PNG Customs

MANY importers still do not know the processes involved in importing goods, PNG Customs Services said.  
In a paid advertisement, the customs agency said it was taking a public awareness drive on the issue.
It said importers with goods at the wharf or airport did not know how to go about claiming their cargoes.
“Importers are advised that cargo documentation including invoices, bill of lading and packing lists of imported goods are to be submitted to a customs broker upon receipt of the documents from the supplier.”
PNG Customs said importers should provide customs brokers documentations for them to lodge an entry or customs declaration.
“The customs brokers will then advice the importer on the status of the entry, whether it has been queried by Customs. 
Customs brokers, would then be able to advice importers on the status of the goods -- whether they have been pre-cleared by Customs or subjected to physical checks. 
An assessment notice would be prepared showing the amount of duty to be paid.
PNG Customs Services explained that importers are then required to claim their cargoes by paying the assessed duty within five working days after the date of issuance of the assessment notice. 
“Failure to do so will result in a penalty rate of 8% of the duty that remains outstanding for every day until the duty and penalty has been paid.
Goods that have not been claimed within 30 days from the date it landed in the port or airport, would be deemed forfeited in favour of the state and would be disposed or sold via a public tender or auction, PNG Customs said.

The National
Zurenuoc Justifies removal of PNG parliament carvings

Zurenuoc Justifies removal of PNG parliament carvings

PNG Parliament Speaker. Getty Image
PNG parliament Speaker has justified that the national Parliament is undergoing a facelift as part of a  modernisation programme to restore national unity. 
“When Parliament elected me to the Speaker’s chair last year, I inherited a house that had lost its dignity, integrity, respect and reverence,” Zurenuoc told reporters.
“The Parliament had become a house riddled with rotten administrative systems and processes that urgently needed reformation, restoration and modernisation to bring it up to international standards.”
He said Parliament needed modernisation to be undertaken as a project of national unity. And part of that was the decision to remove the totem pole in the Grand Hall of the House.
He said the plan was to remove the pole and give it to the National Museum but its director refused to accept it. He said the pole could remain in the House but not in the Grand Hall. 
“We want to open up Parliament to the people. It’s the Grand Hall which should captivate people.
“We want to make it a place where people and school children can come to learn. We’re not destroying the culture and I’m not a cultural terrorist.”
He said the decision was made collectively by the Parliamentary House Committee which comprised himself, Gulf Governor Havila Kavo, Morobe Governor Kelly Naru, Mul-Baiyer MP Koi Trape and Tambul Nebilyer MP Benjamin Poponawa. 

ONE PNG / The National


The PNG Council of Churches has come down hard on the Speaker of Parliament, and the Community Development Minister.

They also refuted the Speaker’s comment in today’s paper that by removing the artifacts, it will create a common denominator of Christianity and Faith in God.

The leaders of the PNG Council of Churches argued that the idea to create a common denominator comes from outside overlooking the work of the churches and government.

President of the PNG Council of Churches, Fr Denny Guka said the government must consult the Churches before making any decision that will affect the lives of people.

President of Catholic Bishop Conference, Archbishop, John Ribat, said that the government and Churches can work together to unite PNG.

The leaders said this issue has the potential to divide churches and may have regional conflict.

They said the Community Development Minister, Loujaya Kouza, should take some blame.

In a recent media report, the Minister denied being behind the controversial destruction.


December 10, 2013

HIV positive sex workers operating from settlements : Working class warned

HIV positive sex workers operating from settlements : Working class warned

SEX workers who are HIV positive have moved into settlements and areas outside the urban centres, a prevention officer has warned.
Rodney Bafeo Junior, Anglicare’s HIV/AIDS prevention officer and Ward 14 development committee member, said this in Lae yesterday after concluding a week-long awareness programme in the settlements in Ahi local level government.
“From our findings, most of the sex workers who have HIV/AIDS are living in settlements and blocks in Lae,” he said.
“They only go out into town to see clients from Thursday to Saturday,” he said.
“For the safety of the working class people, we have to bring awareness into the settlements because many working class people are contracting HIV/AIDS in their own residential areas.”
Bafeo is a long-time advocate against HIV/AIDS in Lae. His father Rodney Mukinere is HIV-positive.
He said the community must be warned about the risks of contracting the HIV virus just like those in the city.
“Some of the people living in settlements are employed by companies which have their own workplace HIV policies,” he said.
“But back in their own communities, they do not have a community-based policy.
“The smart and pretty sex workers are living in settlements just like the working class person.
“HIV has now gone rural so we have to target the grassroots and the rural areas.”
He said Ward 14 and others in the Ahi LLG had not seen any awareness programmes in the past 10 years.
“From our assessment, three out of 20 people who get tested for HIV are positive. But lately some 15 people are tested positive out of 20 tested which is not good. So we are going door to door to do awareness,” he said.

ONE PNG / The National
UN official urges PNG parliamentarians  to lead by example

UN official urges PNG parliamentarians to lead by example

MEMBERS of Parliament have been encouraged to lead by example in advocating on population and development issues.
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) country representative Walter Mendoca Filho said as leaders, people looked up to MPs as guides and role models. 
“If we can have champion MPs in a number of issues to do with human rights such as reproductive health, women’s rights, gender-based violence, and if you can promote that in your own constituency, people will look up to you,” Filho said. 
“People will listen to what you have to say as a way of influencing a positive change in attitude, acceptance of new ways and means of doing things.”
Filho was addressing participants at the workshop for Pacific parliamentarians on advocacy and empowering parliamentary groups on population and development in Port Moresby yesterday. 
Filho urged MPs to work together with his organisation and use resources and knowledge it offered on development and population issues. 
“In many countries the policy and legal framework is such as certain rights and issues are not adequately addressed,” he said. 
“UNFPA provides resources and best practices to MPs so that they can critically look at their laws and 
legislations and promote human rights.”

One PNG / The National
Yagama , Yama guilty

Yagama , Yama guilty

USINO Bundi MP Anton Yagama and his political rival Peter Yama have been found guilty of contempt.
The contempt charges arose from a row between their supporters during the hearing of an election petition file by Yama challenging Yagama’s victory in the 2012 general election.
Justice David Cannings found both men guilty on two of the three counts of contempt charges filed against them by national court registrar Ian Augerea last October.
Both men were charged which failing to take adequate steps to prevent their supporters from threatening and inciting physical violence.
They were accused of failing to prevent their supporters and associates from disturbing the peace of the national court.
They were accused of ignoring the orders made by Cannings in the Wagani court on July 29 to take control of their supports to ensure that  no disturbance took place outside the court while the court was dealing with the proceedings. They were however found not guilty of this charge.
Charges were laid on them after the decision for the recount for Usino Bundi seat was made. Yagama was declared by the court as the duly elected member for Usino Bundi. 
The row took place on August 3 when Yagama’s supporters, who painted their faces and carried bush knives and other weapons, marched from his home to the national court house and hit two of Yama’s 
escort vehicles after a court adjournment.
Six of the 12 supporters for Yagama were found guilty on the two counts as their leaders.
Yagama, Yama and the six will appear today for a bail application hearing. The sentences will be handed down on Jan 21. 

ONE PNG / The National
Killer mum in PNG gets 10 years

Killer mum in PNG gets 10 years

A MOTHER of two will spend 10 years in prison with hard labour after she was convicted of the manslaughter of her husband by the Waigani National Court in Port Moresby. 
Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika during the sentencing last Friday told the convicted mother Janet Lului that life was a precious thing to everybody. 
“Think before you act,” Salika said. 
Lului will serve eight years, four months after time spent in custody was deducted from her sentence. 
Salika took into consideration that Lului had no prior conviction and she had a Grade 6 educational qualification. 
Lului, 28, from Margarima in Hela, was married to her husband (deceased) from Koiari, in Central. 
They had two daughters now aged two and five years old.
The killing occurred at Morata in the National Capital District on June 24 last year at around midnight. 
The deceased was a campaign manager for one of the contesting candidates for the North-East electorate in Port Moresby at that time. 
Lului and the deceased returned home when Lului asked if she could go buy betel nuts or go gambling. 
An argument took place after the deceased refused Lului permission to go. 
Lului insisted on going and a fight took place and Lului stabbed the husband in the chest with a knife, killing him.  
Salika told Lului that it was just over the urge to go and buy betel nuts or go gambling that she killed her husband. 
“You have got to take no for an answer,” Salika told Lului
“This was midnight, time to go to bed and you still wanted to go chew betel nuts and go gamble.”
Lului, during the trial, pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder on the grounds of self-defence against a provoked attack by the deceased. 
Salika however convicted Lului of a lesser charge of manslaughter. 
Lului, before the sentence, pleaded for mercy as she had two daughters.
Salika told Lului that she did not think of her two daughters when she took the knife and stabbed her husband. 
“You brought this upon yourself, so that’s the punishment for the crime you committed,” Salika said. 

ONE PNG / The National
Illegal transfer of titles rampant

Illegal transfer of titles rampant

 ILLEGAL transfer of titles has been rampant among tenants and occupants of National Housing Corporation (NHC) properties for many years, NHC acting managing director John Dege said yesterday.
He said the corporation was aware of 270 illegal titles held over its properties in Port Moresby alone and would soon take court action to recover them. 
He said illegal title holders were frustrating the NHC’s attempts to recover the properties through court orders and other legal processes.
Dege revealed this when announcing yesterday that the NHC was ready to release 812 titles to home owners throughout Papua New Guinea.
The titles were acquired through the various government sponsored sell-off schemes over the years.
Dege said the housing titles had been a contentious issue and the NHC had been put under much pressure by the Government and Parliament to resolve the matter.
“The title issue has been the subject of concern for many years and has been raised in Parliament recently but that has now been resolved and the titles can be transferred,” Dege said.
“NHC will not deny, deprive nor frustrate anyone from obtaining his or her title.”
Dege said the release of the 812 titles was the result the corporation’s 3V (valuation, verification, validation) exercise.
He said 213 titles were being withheld by the State Solicitor’s Office due to issues surrounding the change of name from the National Housing Commission to National Housing Corporation. 
“That issue is being resolved and titles will soon be handed over to the respective owners,” he said.
Dege said the NHC would now shift its focus to the development of new under-deveoped leases, which will be developed into serviced allotments that will be passed on to tenants to build their new homes.
A full list of the NHC properties and their legal buyers was published in The National yesterday. ONE PNG / The National

December 9, 2013

More AFP officers arrive for PNG - Australia policing partnership

More AFP officers arrive for PNG - Australia policing partnership

More AFP officers arrive in PNG . EMTV
Twelve more Australian Federal Police Officers arrived today in Port Moresby for the PNG-Australia policing partnership.
They complete the total 59 AFP officers, an arrangement between PNG and Australia, to conduct Policing exercises in the country, working alongside the Royal PNG Constabulary (RPNGC). Forty-seven are already stationed around NCD.

Upon their arrival at Jackson’s International Airport, Traditional Dancers from Central Province gave them a warm welcome with a dance.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Simon Kauba, welcomed the arrival of the 12 AFP officers to the country. He also said that Frontline Police is crucial and it deserves more attention.

The 59 AFP Police Officers are working in collaboration with RPNGC to maintain law and order and to tackle white collar crimes in PNG.

Australian Deputy High Commissioner, Margaret Adamson, was also there to welcome the troops. She confirmed that 13 AFP officers will be deployed to Lae later this week to be positioned at the start of the Highlands Highway in Lae, where the commercial hub of PNG is.

Polye seeks bank access for masses

Polye seeks bank access for masses

Don Polye
THERE’S a pressing need for the common people to get much-needed access to financial services as means to improve their lot, Treasurer Don Polye said
Speaking at the opening of a two-day financial inclusion expo last Thursday night, Polye said the people must be integrated as one to benefit from the services that financial institutions such as banks provide. 
The expo was aimed to create awareness on new and existing financial products and delivery channels and prospective developments in finance and banking sector, with special emphasis on financial literacy.
“We also believe that because of the changing times, there are innovative approaches that various financial service providers offer and this is one step in the right direction,” Polye said. 
Noting how remote some of the areas in PNG were, he stressed that the provision of financial services was vital. 
“You go to a place like mine, so rural, so isolated like Kandep and you’ll find that people won’t have access to a bank there and because of this, you have to build a bank (in Kandep). 
“So what do they do? They pick up their cell phone and do their transactions,” Polye said. 
He acknowledged the financial providers for their effort in providing the services. 
Meanwhile, Bank of PNG Governor Loi Bakani had announced the launching of national strategy on financial inclusion and financial literacy and another campaign that BPNG was pushing called “Children and youths’ savings campaign”.
Bakani presented certificates to financial institutions that collaborated in rolling out the campaign. 
“As I’ve always said, we adults missed the boat already in terms of financial education, so we do not want our future generation to be like us. 
“Let us teach them and give them that opportunity to go to another level where they can understand fully how they can manage their lives and money, of course,” Bakani said. 
“So this is why we are coming up with this campaign to boost savings and to bring that savings mentality and the attitude to our young generation,” he said. 
The financial expo was the second with the first one held in Lae last year. 
Bakani said BPNG aimed to make the expo an annual event.

ONE PNG / THE National

December 8, 2013

Madang Treasure closed

Madang Treasure closed

The Madang Provincial Treasury Office was closed for two days last week.

Senior Treasury officers say, this followed the abrupt departure of Provincial Treasurer, Andrew Namuesh, on Thursday.

Mr. Namuesh left after a brief meeting with his staff.

According to a senior officer, Mr Namuesh told them during the meeting that he was leaving because he has been verbally advised by the treasury head office in Port Moresby that he would be transferred out of Madang.

Namuesh had been in Madang for a little over three months only replacing the former Uria Soten who has been moved to Morobe province in the department's latest reshuffle.

He was formally the provincial treasurer for Morobe, having served there for 9 years.

The departure has left the Madang provincial treasury in the dark especially with the close of accounts just a little over a week from now
Jiwaka Province gets K138 million

Jiwaka Province gets K138 million

The Jiwaka Province can now go ahead and start implementing its impact projects - thanks to the National Government for its increased allocation in the 2014 Budget.

Among these projects will include the improvement of the Anglimp District Office, and the Anglimp High School.

Governor Dr. William Tongamp says, the government has allocated 93-million-Kina, and an additional 45-million-Kina funding under the development funding, bringing the total to 138-million-Kina.

Dr. Tongamp says the District Office will be improved under the 45-million-Kina development funding.

The Governor says, most of these funding will go towards developing and revitalizing existing infrastructure in the province, as well as new projects.

He says the National Government budget will go towards meeting the Provincial Government Budget Plan and other national functions.

Meantime, Governor Tongamp, has revealed that the Anglimp High School has been elevated to Secondary School status, and will begin enrolling its first intake of grade eleven next year.


Manam Islands was destroyed by volcano. Getty Images 
The Manam Resettlement Project in Madang has reportedly been stalled by the local MP, John Hickey.

This was revealed by the newly- elected President of Iabu Local Level Government, Martin Ururu. 

Ururu, who has been appointed Chairman of Disaster and Manam Issues in the Provincial Executive Council, said work at the resettlement site at Raptuk, inland Bogia has been stalled, as Mr Hickey wants to establish whether proper processes were followed.

The local MP wants to know if the landowners for the areas which the government has identified for resettlement, have been consulted before the actual project starts.

President Ururu is concerned that the halting of the project will further prolong the resettlement process, which has been long overdue.

Attempts to get the Deputy Prime Minister, Leo Dion, who is also the Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs to comment on this report, were not successful.

Similar efforts to get Mr Hickey also failed.


PNG Prime Minister Peter O'neill
Prime Minister Peter O' Neil has ordered the Public Service Minister to restructure of the management of office leases.

This follows a status report on government office leases, clarifying the issues over the management and cost of these leases.

Currently, the government spends 200-million-Kina alone on rents annually.

Mr. O' Neil has directed that the committee be restructured to include Chief Secretary as Chairman, Secretaries of Personnel Management, Finance and State Solicitor.

He urged Sir Puka Temu to immediately implement the recommendations before 2014 commences.

The Prime Minister, also recommended that an independent investigation be conducted immediately into the operation and management of the office leases, all office leases be obtained under the financial management Act, as it involves procurement of services by public tender where public force is involved, and the management of office leases be outsource to the private sector in future.

Mr. O' Neil says 200-million-Kina a year is a lot of money and money which can be saved to fund essential services to the people.

He says it's important that the government continues to build more office buildings to cut these cost down, as well as manage these leases, by ensuring they are consistent with the real estate market and lease agreements 

The current lease arrangements are totally in favour of the landlords, which if challenged in the courts, will surely be nullified.

In addition there's inconsistency in the leases rates applied in the properties.


Simbu province will stage a cultural show next weekend.

The Chimbu Provincial Cultural Show is being revived after almost two decades.

The show which take place from Friday to Sunday is expected to attract important dignitaries and Simbu elites especially from Port Moresby.

According to Chimbu provincial cultural show committee coordinator, Martin Tony from the national department's State Enterprise Minister Ben Micah, Tourism and Culture Minister Boka Kondra, Civil Aviation Minister Steven Davies and other senior Chimbu elites in the national department will be coming to attend the show.

Tony said the guests are confirmed to come on the 13th of this month.

He said Chimbu will not only display its culture and tradition,but getting to serious discussions of bigger agendas with the visitors whilst Chimbu has this opportunity that the show will create.

Meanwhile, the Chimbu cultural show committees are working around the clock to have everything ready for the show next week and the people are looking forward to this.

November 27, 2013

Three  killed in plane crash in PNG, investigation on

Three killed in plane crash in PNG, investigation on

THREE persons missing when a Cessna Grand Caravan crash-landed on a river at Kibeni in Gulf province on Monday afternoon have been confirmed dead.
Tropicair Ltd, which operated the flight, identified the three as Stanley Kovi, Joyce Kori and Adam Reid, whom The National understands was the Australian co-pilot.
The pilot and six other passengers survived with minor injuries.
They were rescued from the scene shortly after the crash which occurred at about 1.30pm.
Civil Aviation Minister Davis Steven said the Civil Aviation Safety Authority would carry out its own investigation separate from the PNG Accident Investigation Commission.
Tropicair chief executive officer Tony Honey said his staff were at the scene with the commission’s investigators.
“It is too early to draw any conclusions about the cause of the aircraft’s forced landing or to speculate about possible causes until all the facts are established by the investigation team,” he said in a press statement.
“Tropicair is cooperating fully with the PNG civil aviation authorities.”
Honey thanked the Oil Search search and rescue team which responded to distress calls from the single-engine aircraft shortly after it took off from Kamusie for Purari.
The company has suspended its commercial flight operations pending the investigation.
Sources said the pilot of the Cessna had hoped to make an emergency landing on a rural airstrip.
However, he aborted the idea as the airstrip had not been used for some time and instead crash-landed on a nearby river.
Rescuers were at the scene within minutes and took the survivors to an Oil Search camp at Kopi.
The survivors were flown to Port Moresby yesterday. 

The National
PNG Parliament pass Budget

PNG Parliament pass Budget

PARLIAMENT has overwhelmingly passed the K15 billion national budget in its final sitting for the year, drowning out any opposition to it.
It was passed at 7.15pm last night straight after Opposition leader Belden Namahhad strongly criticised it as “not for the people of this country”.
There were 92 MPs in the House during the vote, including three Opposition members led by Namah.
Treasurer Don Polye described the budget as “not the best but the biggest and the best” in the country’s history.
He said it was based on the macroeconomic policies of the Government aimed to grow the economy and improve the lives of the people in the rural communities.
Presenting the Opposition’s reply to it, Namah said the 2014 budget was expected to create more problems for the people. 
He rubbished the government’s claim that it the “best budget” focused on growing the economy.
Namah, pictured, said the economy would experience more problems because the debt level would go beyond the 35% debt level forecast as the Government needed to source financing from outside to finance the deficit of around 6%.
Namah said the Budget had failed to factor in falling commodity prices.
He said the gold prices were expected to remain stagnant and the deficit was expected to increase and continue to influence future budgets because Government revenue would be less.
He said to grow the economy, the Government must look at the domestic bond market to reduce the debt deficit.
He said some of the actions taken by the Government such as the proposed concessional K6 billion Exim Bank loan and loans to buy back the shares from Oil Search would create more uncertainty for the economy 
and could incur more deficit in 2015 and beyond.
He raised concerns over the inflated cost of projects such as the Sir Hubert Murray Highway from K16 million to K75 million and Lae-Nazab highway from K160 million to K500 million.
Namah said to raise revenue and save costs, the Government must reduce the 117 state organisations to 100 as many of them were just duplicating jobs.
He said the tax threshold should be increased from K10,000 to K15,000 so the people could have more money in their pockets.
He suggested that PNG promote local companies to create more jobs while import tariffs should be put in place.

The National

November 26, 2013



PNG PM Peter O'neill tabled ICAC Bill
Prime Minister Peter O'Neill presented the Bill to amend the Constitution to establish the Independent Commission Against Corruption, or I-C-A-C.

The Bill also sets out clearly I-C-A-C's purpose, functions, powers and accountability.

The purpose of I-C-A-C is to contribute, in cooperation with other agencies, to preventing, reducing and combating corrupt conduct. 

The proposed Bill also provides, that the I-C-A-C is not subject to the direction and control of any person or authority. 

Mr. O'Neill, said once the I-C-A-C becomes operational, it will naturally take over the work being done now by the Task Force Sweep.

He said, it will complement the work of the Ombudsman Commission and Police,and not, subsume their functions. 

The Prime Minister says, the Ombudsman Commission will continue to administer the Leadership Code and ensure leaders remain accountable, whole police will continue to carry out their fraud and anti-corruption work, supporting the I-C-A-C in public and private sectors.

Mr. O' Neil said, putting a stop to corruption is everyone's business.

He said, work is now being done by the Department of Prime Minister and the National Executive Council and Justice and Attorney General, to embed the message of anti-corruption and good governance in schools and tertiary institutions, to educate the youth of the country, so they become better citizens tomorrow.

Mr. O' Neil also said the government is also preparing a whistle-blower and freedom of information legislation, to enable people to get access to information and , if they make a complaint, they can expect certain level of protection.

The Prime Minister commended the Bill, encouraging M-P's not to fear the I-C-A-C, but embrace it as a step in the right direction, in reducing the tide of corruption in the country.

The I-C-A-C will be headed by a Commissioner and two Deputy Commissioners, who will be appointed through an Appointments Committee. 

The composition of the Appointments Committee will be provided for, in the new Organic Law.

November 25, 2013

Villagers pack-rape school girl

Villagers pack-rape school girl

THIRTY-two houses were razed and a primary schoolgirl was pack-raped last week as a result of two feuding villages on the west coast of Wewak.
Wewak police station commander, Chief Insp Sakawar Kasieng said Magopin villagers ransacked Smain village and burnt down their houses as a result of an ongoing feud.
Police alleged that five men from Smain retaliated and pack-raped a schoolgirl from Magopin last week and tension between the two villages escalated.
“Unconfirmed reports reaching my office say that a man from Smain village was shot at the weekend but I am not sure if he is alive,” Kasieng said .
“Roadblocks have been mounted by both villages but innocent people travelling on the west coast towards Aitape are not being harassed.”
The matter was reported to police during the weekend but due to logistics and manpower problems, they did not attend. They are expected to travel to the area today.
Kasieng said police would carry out a thorough investigation and bring those responsible to justice.
Meanwhile, police reported another pack-rape at Wirui, in Wewak, during the weekend. 
They said four men armed with weapons chased away a man and attacked his wife as the pair was collecting firewood.
The incident sparked a near confrontation between two settlements but community leaders and police were quick to intervene and negotiated peace and the surrender of the suspects to police.

Men enter home, steal, rape girl

Men enter home, steal, rape girl

A HOUSE was broken into, properties stolen and a teenager raped in Port Moresby last Saturday.
A statement from Deputy Commissioner of Police Simon Kauba’s office said five masked men broke into a residence, at Boroko, in the early hours while the residents were asleep.
It said the men raped a 16-year-old girl.
“The suspects stole a laptop, cell phone and cash all valued at K5,750,” Kauba said.
He said the suspects were believed to be from the Vadavada settlement.
He said police were still investigating and hoped to make arrests soon.
In a separate incident, a man was led by a woman to Lareva Market in Hohola where his car was stolen.
Kauba’s office said when Samson Dubai and the woman drove into the market in his vehicle, he was approached by two men armed with kitchen knives who forced him out of his car and drove off.
The statement said the car was still to be recovered and investigations were continuing. ONE PNG /The National

November 22, 2013

World Economic leaders praise PNG’s budget

World Economic leaders praise PNG’s budget

PAPUA New Guinea’s 2014 budget, handed down this week, was the centre of talks in a world-renowned economic meeting held in Vanuatu this week.
World and Pacific economic leaders who met in Vanuatu praised PNG’s Budget, specifically for its priorities in health, education and infrastructure development.
Treasurer Don Polye this week wasted no time in discharging his duties as the chairman for World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund board of governors after handing down a record 2014 Budget for the country. 
He left the country late yesterday to attend his first Pacific Economic Ministers’ International Monetary Fund meeting in Port Villa, Vanuatu.
The leader of the second largest coalition party in the government, Triumph Heritage Empowerment, is confident of overwhelmingly getting the budget passed in Parliament next week when he returns.
“PNG’s attendance in this conference will complement well with the O’Neill-Dion Government which is keen on making PNG the leader and big brother amongst Pacific Island nations, and an emerging economy in the Asia-Pacific region,” Mr Polye said.
Accompanied by his Vice Minister and Sohe MP Delilah Gore and two of his staff, he deliberately reduced the size of the delegation to cut down on costs of overseas duty travels.
Mr Polye will be a part of the panel to present PNG’s position in the Pacific in policy development in terms of socio-economic development in the region, Global Risk Mitigation centre, climate impact security facility and Global Infrastructure Fund to his colleague ministers, senior finance and IMF officials.
Mr Polye will also seek to encourage business and trade partnerships within the Island region where Pacific business and financial sector grows and strengthens to found a resilient economic prosperity for the Pacific. The meeting is centered on policies to help lift the growth potential for the Pacific Island nations. 
“It presents a unique opportunity for us to share our experiences and best practices on policies and to learn from each other how best to unlock the potential of growth in the region,” he said. Mr Polye was sworn in for the post during WB/IMF annual meeting last month in Washington D.C, US.
ONE PNG /Post Courier

November 19, 2013

NEC creates new departments

NEC creates new departments

THE National Executive Council has agreed to amalgamate or abolish the following departments and agencies:

Amalgamate the Personnel Management Department and the Public Service Commission;
amalgamate the Rural Development Department into the Provincial and Local Government Affairs Department;

  • abolish the Public Enterprise Department; 
  • amalgamate the Coastal Fisheries Development Agency into the National Fisheries Authority; 
  • amalgamate the National Economic and Fiscal Commission into the Treasury Department; 
  • amalgamate the National AIDS Council into the Health Department; 
  • amalgamate the Office of Unesco into the Education Department; 
  • abolishing the Tourism Promotion Authority and the Office of Tourism and Culture and create a new Tourism Department; and 

Amalgamate the National Tripartite Consultative Council Secretariat into the Labour and Industrial Relations Department.

November 18, 2013

PNG to hand down K14 billion  2014 budget

PNG to hand down K14 billion 2014 budget

 TREASURY Minister Don Polye is expected to hand down a K14 billion 2014 Budget in Parliament today.
The budget will cater for the deficit, which has now blown out to between K3.5 billion and K4 billion, a source close to the Treasury Department said yesterday.
However, the US$2 billion Exim Bank loan and Ok Tedi dividend payment of more than US$100 million have not been factored in next year’s money plan. The source said the budget would cater for a salary increase of 8-9% for public servants. This is likely to be paid next year.
The source said the costs of major infrastructure development, the 2015 Pacific Games and the 2018 APEC Leaders Summit had contributed to the deficit blowout of about K2 billion.
Major infrastructure projects include the Highlands Highway, Lae to Nadzab Highway, Lae and Port Moresby roads and the Southern Highlands Highway. These will cost less than the inflated figures that have been widely publicised recently.
The source said the Lae-Nazdab four-lane highway project would cost K160 million as indicated by Polye last week. 
The media had been wrongly reporting that the Government would spend more than K500 million on the road project.
The Exim Bank loan had not been factored in the budget because of hiccups in the administrative processes such as delays in submissions for major road projects and other infrastructure development, the source said.
The source said Polye was adamant that commitments by ministers and MPs on additional and unbudgeted expenditure in 2014 would not be funded by the budget.
“Treasurer Polye is quite firm on unnecessary expenditure and commitments by ministers and MPs and he will not allow them to derail the 2014 budget,” the source said.
“He wants the 2014 budget to be a responsible and transparent budget that is part of his five-year rolling money plan. 
“Furthermore, he wants Papua New Guineans to see this budget in a five-year context, which is to eventually achieve a balanced budget by 2017.”
The budget will focus on the Government’s key priorities of free education and free basic health care, infrastructure development, law and order and growing the economy.
The source said Polye, as chairman of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund board of governors, wanted the budget to be framed in the context of the global economy.

ONE PNG /The National


By Reginald Renagi

Well is rugby league our national game or not? It depends very much on who you ask. The response can be an interesting one.
Nevertheless, today many Papua New Guineans feel very passionate about rugby league than any other team sports over the years. Rugby league was first introduced in the country over sixty years ago, and before Independence. 
It's the one sport where the local people from certain regions of the country take very seriously; like their constant tribal fights. These tribal rivalries at times spill onto the field of play during games of rugby league in both local and national competitions. 
The players in both teams spurred on by their passionate spectator supporters do get very physical with each other in ‘bloody matches’. This passion for the game (whether for better or worse) makes seasoned players want to fight each other a lot during games, despite penalties by referees to keep games as fight-free as possible. 
Many a times, such sport-related fights continue on after games with unhappy spectators willy-nilly joining in the melee. These game fights are usually started by frustrated players of losing side teams, aided and abetted by their equally unhappy supporters.
Generally Papua New Guineans are very sore losers in any sport. They don’t like losing in any game, especially in a game of rugby league. The people will find any number of reasons why their favourite team got trashed by a big margin and show their frustrations by taking it out on the other team, or the “one-sided” referee during the game; and after the final whistle has blown.
We like to openly express our loss of self-control; both as players and spectators alike when our favoured team fairly loses in a fair game. The spectators may then find some lame excuse by squarely blaming the match referee’s poor control of the game costing them, their team’s loss. 
At times, the poor referee gets seriously assaulted by players and spectators if they think he has been a ‘one-sided’ referee during a game. This is one main reason why the general standard of our rugby league has not even improved at all, despite sports commentators and the media tagging rugby league as PNG’s national sport’.
Therefore, despite many short-comings of rugby league, many citizens now regard rugby league as 'our national sport'. This can be attributed to rugby league’s mass-appeal and popularity nation-wide over other major team sports codes like: rugby union, Aussie rules, soccer, cricket, basketball and netball to name just a few sports that came after rugby league in PNG.
For many years; the standard of rugby league has not improved at all despite efforts by many people to see some big changes in rugby league in PNG. More so, with PNG’s Kumuls constantly losing big international-match games over time, we now need to ask ourselves: “How can rugby league be our national game when we have many things wrong with the development of the code?” 
So how can rugby league be our national sport when we keep losing too many times to big international league teams and worse still, we can’t even improve the game’s standards to higher levels that the whole country can really believe that rugby league has come of age, and is now widely accepted as truly “our national sport”.

November 15, 2013

PNG's Agmark Gurias to play Canterbury Bulldogs in a trial match

PNG's Agmark Gurias to play Canterbury Bulldogs in a trial match

THE Kokopo Gurias have locked in a trial match against the Canterbury Bulldogs early next year as part of their preparations for the 2014 Digicel Cup.
The game expected to feature at least six Bulldogs NRL players, is slated for February 22 at Belmore, Sydney.
The trip to cost about K150,000 comes on the back of a successful short tour of the Far North Queensland this year which the Gurias used to launch their 2013 Digicel Cup campaign.
The Gurias in Cairns upset Intrust Super Cup side Northern Pride 29-22, a feeder club to North Queensland Cowboys, and proved too powerful for the James Cook University Saints, caning them 54-16 in Townsville on the two-match tour.
Next year the Gurias have now raised the bar, taking on the Bulldogs in a game that has a huge potential of exposing their players for possible engagement by the NRL side or other Australian clubs.   
Fund-raising for the trial against Bulldogs starts next month with a dinner at the Kokopo Village Resort on December 7 where they are anticipating good support from Gurias fans and other East New Britain-based or connected corporate entities.
Promotions for the dinner has started with press advertisements in the daily newspapers, local radio stations and other selected avenues. 
Tables are being sold at K5,000 each for 10 persons and if all the anticipated 40 are taken, that would easily land organisers the projected K200,000.
However, considering expenses the fund raising committee hopes to make K130,000.
Fund-raising committee member John Kianimbil, who is also the Agmark marketing manager, said yesterday that details of a supporters’ package, organized in collaboration with Air Niugini, will be released at a time convenient to the national airline.
But what is immediately available at the dinner are raffle tickets for two on the trip which includes accommodation, airline tickets and game passes to Belmore oval.
Asked about how Gurias managed to secure such an exciting opportunity against a reputable rugby league club such as Bulldogs, Kianimbil said they had a received an invitation through a senior staff at Agmark, Kevin Wright who has connections with the club.

One PNG/ The National
A Police sergeant charged for wilful murder of student

A Police sergeant charged for wilful murder of student

A POLICE sergeant has been charged with the wilful murder of 21-year-old student Dickson Paru Aku in Alotau in March after police opened fire following an attempted robbery.
Police in the National Capital District confirmed they had arrested and charged the suspect this week after months of investigations.
Deputy Police Commissioner Operations Simon Kauba said the incident occurred on March 3 at the  Kwato Community College in Alotau, Milne Bay, and involved shooting, resulting in Aku’s death.
“It was alleged that there was an attempted robbery and the defendant, with a squad of seven police officers, proceeded to the scene at KB Estate in Alotau.
“The suspects escaped. On their return police came across two students who were on their way to the KB mission for a church fellowship.” 
Police reportedly opened fire and Aku, of Mutuyuwa village in Milne Bay, was shot dead.
In another case, a police officer was arrested and charged with sexual penetration and abuse of office.
Frank Michael, 24, of Murip village in Kandep, Enga, a policeman, is alleged to have committed the offence inside the Boroko police station on Nov 9. 
He will appear in court. One PNE /The National
Insurance boss charged

Insurance boss charged

 ACTING Insurance Commissioner Salamo Elema has been charged with official corruption and abuse of office, police say.
Elema was charged by police in the National Capital District on Wednesday with one count of official corruption and one count of abuse of office.
Police said in a statement yesterday Elema, 53, from Sivitatana village, Rigo, Central, allegedly committed the offences between November 2012 and June 2013.
Police investigations were triggered off by a complaint from a company director.
The company director said he had applied for a re-insurance brokering licence with the insurance commissioner between November 2012 and June 2013.
He had told police that Elema, as the acting insurance commissioner, did not issue a licence and instead imposed non-existent statutory provisions of the Insurance Act 1995.

November 12, 2013

One shot dead as Criminals and Police exchange fire in Mt Hagen

One shot dead as Criminals and Police exchange fire in Mt Hagen

Police and Criminals exchange fire. One  dead
IT was like a scene in a movie when Police and criminals exchanged shots at the heart of Mt Hagen City yesterday morning. One criminal who was shooting at the police using a pistol was shot dead during the cross fire and police quickly moved in a removed the weapon from the dead robber. Three or four of his companions ran into the Komkui building and took refuge inside it but police moved in and after exchanging several shots, two of the criminals were apprehended after they surrounded to police. A PNG Post reporter who accompanied the police into the building after putting on a bullet proof vest and was at the crime scene with the police. The Mt Hagen police mobile squad and other police surrounded Komkui Building, the tallest building in Mt Hagen and cornered the robbers inside the building and apprehended them. The robbers were trying to rob the BSP ATM in front of Konkui Building opposite the Baiyer bus stop when bank officials and security tried to fill the ATM machine with money. But police arrived at the scene at the same time and the robbers shot at the police who formed a perimeter and retaliated and shot one of the robber dead. The general public who were caught by surprise in the cross fire ran for cover but stayed at a distance and watched the drama unfold. The criminals retreated into the six story Komkui building and took refuge inside but the police called in reinforcements and a fully equipped mobile squad team went into the building and cornered the criminals inside the building and apprehended them. The general public said there was a total of eight robbers while others said there were six of them. But police said those that are apprehended will lead to the apprehension of their colleagues. Tenants at the Komkui building stayed behind locked doors while the police searched for the criminals inside the building Bank securities said there are more than K100, 000 placed in every ATM machines and it is not appropriate for criminals to risk their lives. Western Highlands Police Commander Martin Lakari after the drama praised his policemen for their quick respond and warned criminals elements that their days are over and that they should do something worthwhile to sustain their lives rather that getting involved in robberies. No money was taken by the robbers.

Source: Post PNG
Hand grenade attack in PNG

Hand grenade attack in PNG

POLICE are investigating a reported mass killing in a remote highlands area in which 34 people died and 28 others seriously injured.
Reports from Sugu Valley, in Kagua-Erave district, Southern Highlands, indicated that an explosion, similar to what an hand grenade would cause, happened in the early hours of yesterday morning in a haus man, a meeting house for men.    
Assistant Police Commissioner Mar­tin Lakari, the acting highlands divisional police commander, said he was informed yesterday of the mass killing by some leaders from Erave.
Lakari has directed acting Southern Highlands provincial police commander Inspector Sibron Papato to send officers from the Mobile squad and task force in Mendi to the area.
But because of the remoteness of the area, he is not expecting a report from them until today. 
He said the leaders told him that many people were killed and others seriously injuredin the early morning attack. 
But he will await a report from the police team sent to the area yesterday to confirm the number of casualties.
Police believe the incident could have been part of the on-going rivalry between the Kambia and Wambea clans.
The first account of the incident yesterday came from a leader of the Kambia clan Jacob Walega, who said in Mt Hagen a grenade had been used in the surprise attack. 
He said the Kambia clansmen were sleeping in the haus-man at around 2am when the grenade was thrown into the house. 
He blamed the Wambea clan for the attack.
“We really don’t know how such a deadly weapon landed in the hands of our enemy,” he said.
Walega said they could not take the injured to the hospital because the Wambea tribesmen lived near the road at Kagua station and blocked it.
He called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who is the Ialibu/Pangia MP, local MP James Lagea, Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga and police to investigate the incident and find out where the hand grenade came from.
Walega said the first clash with the Wambea clan was on Oct 7 where homes belonging to the Kambia people were burnt. The families had to use the community hall to live in.
He said six people died before peace mediators and police moved in.  They marked a boundary and ordered the two clans not to step over it.
But last week, he said the Wambea clansmen started a fight in which two of their people were killed.

ONE PNG News/ The National

November 11, 2013

PNG loosing Millions of Kina through  Corruption

PNG loosing Millions of Kina through Corruption

PNG has lost about K1.4 billion this year through corrupt practices, the Task Force Sweep team says.
It said since 2007, the Government had allocated K19 billion for development projects. 
The Task Force Sweep team said at least K7.6 billion was lost through fraud and corruption.
“Papua New Guinea is yet to develop its corruption detection mechanisms to fully measure the scale of the problem,” spokesman Nikints Tiptip said.
Tiptip said new trends of corruption were emerging and mostly law firms were being used to launder funds obtained through corruption.
He said PNG’s international development partners were managing their own funds for projects in the country as a result of corrupt practices in the country.
The taskforce said around 40% of the development budget was lost through mismanagement annually.
“Most of the fraud-related corruption is orchestrated in secrecy. What has been reported to ITFS is a small proportion of the corruption detected,” it said.
“Though we have fought hard to deter further corruption under the political will committed by the O’Neill government, habitual corrupters are like leeches that feed off from the government coffers and are becoming more adept at devising new ways to steal and avoid detection.”

ONE PNG News/The National

November 8, 2013

Kumuls go down to Kiwis

Kumuls go down to Kiwis

Sonny Bill Williams in action against PNG. Photo. 2013RLWC
Rugby League World Cup holders New Zealand powered past Papua New Guinea 56-6 to march into the quarter finals.

A first half hat-trick by Sonny Bill Williams was part of a resounding 10-try victory for the 2008 champions, who maintained their 100 per cent record in the competition.

The Kiwis looked dangerous from the outset, testing a very suspect PNG defence. With just 90 seconds on the clock, the breakthrough came when Kieran Foran's clever kick was touched down by the diving Bryson Goodwin for the first try of the match. A neat conversion by Shaun Johnson made it the perfect start for his side.

Struggling to withstand the Kiwi onslaught, the Kumuls found themselves pushed back onto their own line. Sensing an opportunity Foran sent a well-judged kick across the field for Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to touchdown and another conversion by Johnson brought up a deserved 12-0 lead.

Moments later the Kiwis were in again, Dean Whare's audacious pass between the legs gave Tuivasa-Sheck his second try of the match with Johnson once again adding the extras.

Intent to pile on the agony, New Zealand were relentless in attack. This time Foran’s clever offload enabled Sonny Bill Williams to open his account for the tournament, Johnson's routine conversion giving his side a 24-point lead.

Just as PNG began to find a foothold in the game, New Zealand scored again. A move that started with a powerful run from Manu Vatuvei eventually found Williams who crossed for his second try with Johnson converting to make it 30-0.

The Kiwis kept up the momentum and with just over 10 minutes of the half remaining, Williams turned provider for Frank-Paul Nu'uausala, who glided across the line.

With just seconds of the half remaining, New Zealand broke through again, Johnson's meandering run scattering defenders to give Williams his hat-trick. The scrum-half made it 40-0 at the break with his conversion.

Determined not to go down with a whimper Papua New Guinea came out for the second half in determined mood. Jessie Joe Nandye drove through the Kiwi defence and found Dion Aiye who crossed for their first points of the game. Francis Paniu's well struck conversion brought the biggest cheer of the night so far.

Fuelled with new found confidence the Kumuls poured forward, but their efforts came to nothing as New Zealand ruthlessly cut through their defence. A sweeping passing move enabled Whare to go over in the corner and Johnson restored the 40-point deficit with another successful conversion.

The New Zealand centre crossed again soon after with Johnson converting. Playing with ruthlessly efficiency, the Kiwis went further ahead when Alex Glenn did well to collect a bouncing ball and found Elijah Taylor, who scored their tenth try of the match.

With just minutes remaining Papua New Guinea had the final say when Wellington Albert crashed over for their second try, which once again brought wild cheering from the Headingley faithful.

New Zealand will be back at Headingley for the quarter-finals to play either Scotland or Italy.

New Zealand Team

1 Josh Hoffman

2 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

3 Dean Whare

4 Bryson Goodwin

5 Manu Vatuvei

6 Kieran Foran

7 Shaun Johnson

8 Ben Matulino

9 Isaac Luke

10 Jesse Bromwich

11 Alex Glenn

12 Sonny Bill Williams

13 Elijah Taylor


14 Sam Moa

15 Sam Kasiano

16 Frank-Paul Nu'uausala

17 Thomas Leuluai

Papua New Guinea Team

1 David Mead

2 Josiah Abavu

3 Menzie Yere

4 Francis Paniu

5 Nene McDonald

6 Ray Thompson

7 Dion Aiye

8 Neville Costigan

9 Charlie Wabo

10 Joe Bruno

11 Jessie Joe Nandye

12 Jason Chan

13 Sebastian Pandia


14 Wellington Albert

15 Paul Aiton

16 Jason Tali

17 Mark Mexico

New Zealand 56 (Tries: Goodwin, Tuivasa-Sheck 2, Bill Williams 3, Nu'uausala, Whare 2, Taylor: Goals: Johnson 8).

Papua New Guinea 10 (Tries: Aiye, Albert; Goals: Paniu).

Referee: Ashley Klein (Australia).

Attendance: 18,180.