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P-N-G Defence Force soldiers and police deployed to Hela, were reminded of their task to maintain law and order and ensure no disturbances to the L-N-G project.

Tari-Pori M-P and Minister for Finance and Education, James Marape said this to both members of the disciplined forces, during a reconciliation ceremony, on Wednesday.

Hela acting Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Mark Yangen says, Mr. Marape initiated the peace ceremony at his village, following the recent stand-off between soldiers and policemen in Tari.

Superintendent Yangen says, Mr. Marape and Koroba-Lake Kopiago M-P, also gave 12-thousand Kina each, to the Defence and Police forces.

"Member for Tari-Pori and the minister for finance and education minister James Marape, he came down and he slaughtered 5 pigs and then got the defence and police together so we went there and we talked and Mr Marape just told us, that you know, the police are here, defence are here, LLG police are here, we are here for one purpose and that is to maintain law and order in the Hela province and same time make sure that not disturbances to the LNG project.

"He said we have to say sorry to each other, and forgive each other, so we shook hands with the defence and we all, you know, mipla toksori go kam", Mr. Yangen said.

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