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One shot dead as Criminals and Police exchange fire in Mt Hagen

Police and Criminals exchange fire. One  dead
IT was like a scene in a movie when Police and criminals exchanged shots at the heart of Mt Hagen City yesterday morning. One criminal who was shooting at the police using a pistol was shot dead during the cross fire and police quickly moved in a removed the weapon from the dead robber. Three or four of his companions ran into the Komkui building and took refuge inside it but police moved in and after exchanging several shots, two of the criminals were apprehended after they surrounded to police. A PNG Post reporter who accompanied the police into the building after putting on a bullet proof vest and was at the crime scene with the police. The Mt Hagen police mobile squad and other police surrounded Komkui Building, the tallest building in Mt Hagen and cornered the robbers inside the building and apprehended them. The robbers were trying to rob the BSP ATM in front of Konkui Building opposite the Baiyer bus stop when bank officials and security tried to fill the ATM machine with money. But police arrived at the scene at the same time and the robbers shot at the police who formed a perimeter and retaliated and shot one of the robber dead. The general public who were caught by surprise in the cross fire ran for cover but stayed at a distance and watched the drama unfold. The criminals retreated into the six story Komkui building and took refuge inside but the police called in reinforcements and a fully equipped mobile squad team went into the building and cornered the criminals inside the building and apprehended them. The general public said there was a total of eight robbers while others said there were six of them. But police said those that are apprehended will lead to the apprehension of their colleagues. Tenants at the Komkui building stayed behind locked doors while the police searched for the criminals inside the building Bank securities said there are more than K100, 000 placed in every ATM machines and it is not appropriate for criminals to risk their lives. Western Highlands Police Commander Martin Lakari after the drama praised his policemen for their quick respond and warned criminals elements that their days are over and that they should do something worthwhile to sustain their lives rather that getting involved in robberies. No money was taken by the robbers.

Source: Post PNG

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