Simbu province will stage a cultural show next weekend.

The Chimbu Provincial Cultural Show is being revived after almost two decades.

The show which take place from Friday to Sunday is expected to attract important dignitaries and Simbu elites especially from Port Moresby.

According to Chimbu provincial cultural show committee coordinator, Martin Tony from the national department's State Enterprise Minister Ben Micah, Tourism and Culture Minister Boka Kondra, Civil Aviation Minister Steven Davies and other senior Chimbu elites in the national department will be coming to attend the show.

Tony said the guests are confirmed to come on the 13th of this month.

He said Chimbu will not only display its culture and tradition,but getting to serious discussions of bigger agendas with the visitors whilst Chimbu has this opportunity that the show will create.

Meanwhile, the Chimbu cultural show committees are working around the clock to have everything ready for the show next week and the people are looking forward to this.
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