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Procedures for importing into PNG : PNG Customs

MANY importers still do not know the processes involved in importing goods, PNG Customs Services said.  
In a paid advertisement, the customs agency said it was taking a public awareness drive on the issue.
It said importers with goods at the wharf or airport did not know how to go about claiming their cargoes.
“Importers are advised that cargo documentation including invoices, bill of lading and packing lists of imported goods are to be submitted to a customs broker upon receipt of the documents from the supplier.”
PNG Customs said importers should provide customs brokers documentations for them to lodge an entry or customs declaration.
“The customs brokers will then advice the importer on the status of the entry, whether it has been queried by Customs. 
Customs brokers, would then be able to advice importers on the status of the goods -- whether they have been pre-cleared by Customs or subjected to physical checks. 
An assessment notice would be prepared showing the amount of duty to be paid.
PNG Customs Services explained that importers are then required to claim their cargoes by paying the assessed duty within five working days after the date of issuance of the assessment notice. 
“Failure to do so will result in a penalty rate of 8% of the duty that remains outstanding for every day until the duty and penalty has been paid.
Goods that have not been claimed within 30 days from the date it landed in the port or airport, would be deemed forfeited in favour of the state and would be disposed or sold via a public tender or auction, PNG Customs said.

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