December 10, 2013

Yagama , Yama guilty

USINO Bundi MP Anton Yagama and his political rival Peter Yama have been found guilty of contempt.
The contempt charges arose from a row between their supporters during the hearing of an election petition file by Yama challenging Yagama’s victory in the 2012 general election.
Justice David Cannings found both men guilty on two of the three counts of contempt charges filed against them by national court registrar Ian Augerea last October.
Both men were charged which failing to take adequate steps to prevent their supporters from threatening and inciting physical violence.
They were accused of failing to prevent their supporters and associates from disturbing the peace of the national court.
They were accused of ignoring the orders made by Cannings in the Wagani court on July 29 to take control of their supports to ensure that  no disturbance took place outside the court while the court was dealing with the proceedings. They were however found not guilty of this charge.
Charges were laid on them after the decision for the recount for Usino Bundi seat was made. Yagama was declared by the court as the duly elected member for Usino Bundi. 
The row took place on August 3 when Yagama’s supporters, who painted their faces and carried bush knives and other weapons, marched from his home to the national court house and hit two of Yama’s 
escort vehicles after a court adjournment.
Six of the 12 supporters for Yagama were found guilty on the two counts as their leaders.
Yagama, Yama and the six will appear today for a bail application hearing. The sentences will be handed down on Jan 21. 

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