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A Police sergeant charged for wilful murder of student

A POLICE sergeant has been charged with the wilful murder of 21-year-old student Dickson Paru Aku in Alotau in March after police opened fire following an attempted robbery.
Police in the National Capital District confirmed they had arrested and charged the suspect this week after months of investigations.
Deputy Police Commissioner Operations Simon Kauba said the incident occurred on March 3 at the  Kwato Community College in Alotau, Milne Bay, and involved shooting, resulting in Aku’s death.
“It was alleged that there was an attempted robbery and the defendant, with a squad of seven police officers, proceeded to the scene at KB Estate in Alotau.
“The suspects escaped. On their return police came across two students who were on their way to the KB mission for a church fellowship.” 
Police reportedly opened fire and Aku, of Mutuyuwa village in Milne Bay, was shot dead.
In another case, a police officer was arrested and charged with sexual penetration and abuse of office.
Frank Michael, 24, of Murip village in Kandep, Enga, a policeman, is alleged to have committed the offence inside the Boroko police station on Nov 9. 
He will appear in court. One PNE /The National

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