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Jiwaka Province gets K138 million

The Jiwaka Province can now go ahead and start implementing its impact projects - thanks to the National Government for its increased allocation in the 2014 Budget.

Among these projects will include the improvement of the Anglimp District Office, and the Anglimp High School.

Governor Dr. William Tongamp says, the government has allocated 93-million-Kina, and an additional 45-million-Kina funding under the development funding, bringing the total to 138-million-Kina.

Dr. Tongamp says the District Office will be improved under the 45-million-Kina development funding.

The Governor says, most of these funding will go towards developing and revitalizing existing infrastructure in the province, as well as new projects.

He says the National Government budget will go towards meeting the Provincial Government Budget Plan and other national functions.

Meantime, Governor Tongamp, has revealed that the Anglimp High School has been elevated to Secondary School status, and will begin enrolling its first intake of grade eleven next year.

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