December 23, 2013

Church association backs Zurenuoc

PNG Parliament carvings. Getty Images
THE Kulga for Jesus Association, representing more than 15,000 people in Nebilyer Valley, near Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, has thrown its support behind parliament Speaker Theo Zurenuoc and the parliamentary committee’s decision to remove traditional carvings from parliament.
Association executives pastors Francis Bomundi, Joseph Maip, Marcus Toi, Steven Brassand  Amos Melpa, councillor Tony Wek, Dr Fred Wurr and Benson Kewa said in a statement last Friday that they were not against Papua New Guinea’s traditional culture but against the living spirits with fixed abodes in parliament.
The executives are from PNG Christian Fellowship, PNG Bible Church, Lutheran Church, International Full Gospel Ministries and Baptist Church, criticised the Catholic Bishop’s Conference for opposing the Speaker’s action in the media last week.
“We respect your constitutionally guaranteed right and freedom of religion but when you stand before God, the constitution won’t defend you,” they said.
“Cultures were never given by the God of Heaven, who is the God of the Bible.
“Cultures began in Genesis 11 when God came down and confused the people so they spoke different languages and that was when cultures and traditions began.
“We have to speak against political leaders who are stealing millions of kina and causing too much pain and suffering in this nation, and not the Speaker and his team who are honouring God by trying to get rid of demonic presence through those carvings in parliament.” 
The association appealed to “Bible-believing churches and truth-preaching churches to rise up in fasting and praying against people who were against God’s will and those who were talking like atheists”.
Despite criticisms, Zurenuoc is intent on ‘cleansing’ the parliament.
He said the carvings represented ungodly spirits like witchcraft, which would be replaced with a National Unity Pole that would contain a Bible, a copy of the Constitution and an everlasting flame to represent God’s Word. The National

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