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PNG PM Peter O'neill tabled ICAC Bill
Prime Minister Peter O'Neill presented the Bill to amend the Constitution to establish the Independent Commission Against Corruption, or I-C-A-C.

The Bill also sets out clearly I-C-A-C's purpose, functions, powers and accountability.

The purpose of I-C-A-C is to contribute, in cooperation with other agencies, to preventing, reducing and combating corrupt conduct. 

The proposed Bill also provides, that the I-C-A-C is not subject to the direction and control of any person or authority. 

Mr. O'Neill, said once the I-C-A-C becomes operational, it will naturally take over the work being done now by the Task Force Sweep.

He said, it will complement the work of the Ombudsman Commission and Police,and not, subsume their functions. 

The Prime Minister says, the Ombudsman Commission will continue to administer the Leadership Code and ensure leaders remain accountable, whole police will continue to carry out their fraud and anti-corruption work, supporting the I-C-A-C in public and private sectors.

Mr. O' Neil said, putting a stop to corruption is everyone's business.

He said, work is now being done by the Department of Prime Minister and the National Executive Council and Justice and Attorney General, to embed the message of anti-corruption and good governance in schools and tertiary institutions, to educate the youth of the country, so they become better citizens tomorrow.

Mr. O' Neil also said the government is also preparing a whistle-blower and freedom of information legislation, to enable people to get access to information and , if they make a complaint, they can expect certain level of protection.

The Prime Minister commended the Bill, encouraging M-P's not to fear the I-C-A-C, but embrace it as a step in the right direction, in reducing the tide of corruption in the country.

The I-C-A-C will be headed by a Commissioner and two Deputy Commissioners, who will be appointed through an Appointments Committee. 

The composition of the Appointments Committee will be provided for, in the new Organic Law.

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