June 24, 2019

Two Female Commissioners Join NCDC Board

Two Female Commissioners Join NCDC Board

National Capital District Governor Honourable Powes Parkop today announced two new additions to the NCDC Board of Commissioners, simultaneously paving the way in increasing women’s participation into leadership roles in the Capital City.

In front of Governor Parkop, City Manager Bernard Kipit, Deputy Governor and MKA Chairman Dadi Toka Jnr, Magistrate Tracey Ganaii, other Commissioners of the Board and senior staff of NCDC, both Mrs Elice Siki and Motu Koita Assembly Representative Hon. Mea-Lou Isaac were sworn in as Commissioners of the NCDC Board at the City Hall Boardroom today.

The appointments were made by Governor Parkop due to vacancies arising from the passing of late Commissioner Janet Sape and the election of new members of the Motu Koitabu Assembly.

Making the announcement, Mr Parkop welcomed them on board, spelling out their job descriptions around the areas of affirmation of women rights, gender equality and women empowerment to make the city peaceful and safe for women and girls.
He added that the gender equality agenda is an important that is shared globally and Port Moresby must also embrace this vision and goal.

“I am delighted to welcome our two distinguished women leaders onto the NCDC Board, as we need to collectively raise the role of women into leadership positions in our country. While various initiatives have been put in place to increase the opportunities for women, there is still a lot to be done and we must not relent. We just need to do it,” he said.

“Congratulations on your appointments as Commissioners of the NCDC Board. I welcome you to join us to lead the way for the future of our City. Gender diversity and inclusion is paramount to a balanced growth and development for the nation.

Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony at the City Hall, he said women folk both in the city and the indigenous villages will now have a voice at the board level so that their concerns will be heard.

“With the additions of Mrs Elice Siki and Hon. Mea-Lou Isaac, it is my hope that we will see improvements, and a more targeted review and interventions of women’s empowerment initiatives in the City, women and human rights affirmations and better gender balance and representation,” he said.

Siki does not only involve in the development of Women Rugby League, but also is an active participant of the Active City Development Program which is aimed at bringing the best out women and girls and other city residents.

He also called on the NCDC staff and management and city residents to extend their support to the newly-elected Commissioners to be able to do their work effectively.

Press Statement

June 21, 2019

Samoa raises the bar in Pacific Games broadcasting

Samoa raises the bar in Pacific Games broadcasting

The Pacific Games Office is proud to announce that Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games will achieve a new set of firsts, including the production and distribution of eight hours of broadcasting each day in HD (High Definition).

Among the firsts is the announcement that for the first time in Games history SKY New Zealand will be joining established Games partners EMTV, Fiji TV, France TV and Vanuatu TV for the Host Broadcast.

“We are excited to announce that for the first time in Games history SKY New Zealand will be joining established Games partners EMTV, Fiji TV, France TV and Vanuatu TV, who have contributed significant equipment and crew to ensure we get live coverage from six (6) venues simultaneously,” said Falefata Hele Matatia, CEO of Pacific Games Office.

SKY New Zealand Director of Sport, Tex Teixeira, says: “We’re proud to be coming on board to broadcast the Pacific Games in New Zealand for the first time. It’s an exciting event that not many Kiwis will have had access to before, so I’m sure it will be welcomed by the fans here.”

Another first is the inclusion of TV3 Samoa as the exclusive local broadcast partner. TV3 Samoa is contributing brand new equipment and personnel, in return for exclusive online rights in Samoa that will be available on Digicel Samoa’s PlayGo platform.

With this new development, Samoan residents will be able to access full Games coverage from the Opening Ceremony on 7 July on TV3 and Digicel PlayGo.

In addition, Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games will also be available in Europe, America and Asia on the Olympic Channel, and live streamed to other territories via the Games website - www.samoa2019.ws.

“In addition, we are proud about the use of the submarine cable, Tui Samoa, to feed the coverage of the XVI Pacific Games globally.”

Also joining the broadcasting team, thanks to the support of the Australian High Commission, are ABC Australia and PACMAS who are providing a highlights production team of five and an international commentary team of seven.

A training for local commentators will be led by Journalists Association of Samoa (JAWS).

Pacific Games Office is also pleased that National University of Samoa is playing a vital role with the Host Broadcaster MMG. NUS will be providing equipment and crew for the volleyball coverage and over thirty students will be utilized by MMG in the different facets of their operation.

“The Office acknowledges the work of Host Broadcaster, Melanesian MediaGroup, who have secured eight (8) broadcast kits totaling close to 50 cameras, a steadycam and segway for events at Apia Park, and a professional drone for Live aerial shots. They have certainly putting their best foot forward,” said Falefata.

At the helm of the Host Broadcast team is MMG’s Project Manager Richard Broadbridge.

“The support from the region has been tremendous and we thank the Pacific Games Office and their Pacific partners France TV, Fiji TV, EMTV, TV3, NUS, VBTC and SKY New Zealand for agreeing to collaborate to produce global coverage of the XVI Pacific Games from Samoa," said Broadbridge.

“Samoa 2019 will prove to be one of the best Games in terms of broadcasting as it will be the first using new encoding technology to feed images to our satellite teleport at STS Australia using the Tui Samoa cable. Samoa has excellent broadband and we intend on making the most of it to allow the Pacific and the world to tune in to the XVI Pacific Games,” said r Broadbridge.

During the Games, MMG will be producing a minimum of eight (8) hours per day in HD and will be distributing a one-hour highlights package to PGO’s Rights Holders.

Twenty-four countries will participate in 27 sports throughout the Games, which run from 7-20 July.

PNG Police Minister Kramer wants APEC report

PNG Police Minister Kramer wants APEC report

Papua New Guinea Police Minister Bryan Kramer has ordered the Asia Pacific Authority to submit its report on the procurement of the super luxurious Maserati and Bentley limousines for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2018 in Port Moresby last November.

“I need the report to understand how public funds were spent on those vehicles. When I fully understand the report and the issues, the appropriate action, if any, can be taken,” he added.

Kramer said the queries and issues could then be raised with those involved in the procurement exercise, and the matter discussed in the National Executive Council (NEC).

“From the responses to our queries, we can establish whether the procurement was conducted above board. At the moment, I don’t have any information or evidence to suggest that there was any wrongdoing.

“If we start chasing these issues without the report, we will be running around like looking into rabbit holes (wasting time and responses in investigating),” he added.

Kramer also said that he would file a complaint with the police to facilitate investigations into the procurement process.

“There are also other issues, like allegations that the National Capital District Commission awarded K3 million annually for a yoga programme without following proper procurement process.

“I will, in my capacity as the police minister, file the complaints that I have been holding on for some time.

“It is for the police to investigate and act accordingly. Not me, I don’t have the power to investigate.”
Kramer said: “When you procure things from overseas without following the Public Finance Act, you break the law. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a criminal offence.

“So you have to understand that (the issue is whether) anyone benefitted from the transactions. So you look at the purchasing price and see the tender process.

“You check the tender price and initial process and whether there was any eventual inconsistency in the tender bids. If something is supposed to cost only K5,000 (US$1,477) and we ended up buying it for K25,000 (US$7,387), then you have an issue.”

“I will file whatever necessary complaints that I have. Likewise, any Member of Parliament or the public can lodge police reports if you suspect that a crime had been committed,” Kramer said.

In January, then APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko told Parliament that the full APEC report had been delayed by the Ombudsman Commission (OC).

“We are going through a detailed process to ensure that the full report is tabled in Parliament on the details of the Apec outcomes and also how the Apec expenditure was expended and the final amount of money that was spent,” Tkatchenko had said.

“This is delayed because Moresby North West MP Sir Mekere Morauta complained to the OC about the vehicles and other things that were supposedly purchased for APEC.

“The OC had ordered a stop to all of these processes until they completed their investigations.

“The process is going forward and we will have a report and it will completely show that the Apec summit was an absolute success and was not K5 billion (US$1.4 billion) as Sir Mekere claimed.” .