September 18, 2019

Nation marks the funeral of Tongan PM

Nation marks the funeral of Tongan PM

The funeral of the late Tongan prime minister 'Akilisi Pohiva will take place this morning in Nuku'alofa.

Pohiva died in Auckland last Thursday but has been lying-in-state at the St George Government Building over the past two nights.

There is a national day of mourning and public holiday in Tonga today to mark Pohiva's funeral.

The Prime Minister's cortege will make its way from the St George building to the Free Wesleyan Centenary Church with the service to be conducted by the church president and royal chaplain, Reverend Dr 'Ahio.

Pohiva will be buried at Telekava cemetery in Kolomotu'a.

Dignitaries and politicians from all over the region have travelled to Tonga to pay their respects.


September 17, 2019

PNC Deputy Leader and Minister Kuman leaves PNC Party

PNC Deputy Leader and Minister Kuman leaves PNC Party

A senior and founding member of the People’s National Congress party and Minister for Higher Education, Nick Kuman has announced his exit from the party.

Mr Kuman made this announcement in his electorate while celebrating Independence with his people on Independence day.

He said his decision to quit PNC party was based on the current political situation where despite the party being a key coalition partner in the government, its party leader has been divergent in many government initiatives and actions.

“I as a senior PNC party member cannot pretend that everything is okay. After careful consideration of the whole situation, I want to inform my people of Gumine electorate and my supporters that I am quitting the party that I helped form because I believe that this government of Marape-Steven should be given full support by the party.

He said PNC party played a big part in forming this government with other coalition partners, but the leadership of the party has been going out in public and on social media opposing the government, despite the fact that his very own members are part of this government.

“That’s not healthy. And as for me, serving a remote electorate I had to make a decision. So after consulting my people I have now decided to quit PNC party.”

He said his other reason for quitting the party was based on his experience where the founder of PNC party the late Bill Skate, who voted for and assisted to form a new government in 1999, was sacked.

This resulted in his other party members being penalised.

“I don’t want to go through this experience.
“This is because at the end of the day it’s the innocent people of Gumine who I represent that will be affected in terms of service delivery,” Mr Kuman said.

“Right now because I’m in government things are moving, but if Im in the opposition that will be a different story.”

He will remain with the government as an independent member.

Post Courier/ONEPNG

Oro Governor Juffa gives K500, 000 to PNG Civil and NID for Establishment of  Provincial Office

Oro Governor Juffa gives K500, 000 to PNG Civil and NID for Establishment of Provincial Office

Oro Governor Gary Juffa has allocated K500,000 to the PNG Civil and Identity Registry (NID) to establish the NID provincial office in Oro Province that was burnt down last year.

In a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed last week (tuesday) between Juffa and NID Acting Registrar General Noel Mobiha, Juffa said NID was important for his province and the people.

"We will assist wherever we can and want you to come and put up the building and operate as soon as possible," Juffa said.

He said NID was improtant for all citizens to be identified with including the people of Oro and it was unfortunate that the building they were operating out of got burnt.

"We will continue to assist with budget support every year apart from the K500,000 allocated for this year," he said.

Juffa said while the provincial government was struggling with short falls in budgetary allocations, his government would continue to work in partnership with national functions that are focused on delivering services to his people.

NID will not only assist people to identify themselves but also have access to much needed government support services such as medi-care, education, elections, travels and alot more advantages to it, Juffa said.

Acting Regisrar General Mr Mobiha said he was thankful with Governor Juffa for understanding the need for NID registry in the province.

"We have lost documents and capital ewuipment in the fire but we want to thank Governor Juffa and his provincial government for allocating most needed funds and resources," he said.

Mr Mobiha also informed Juffa that once they are up and running, all rural areas will be covered for registration.

"We are also planning to undertake registration for our people living in the foot print of Kokoda to register all our those living along this historical path," he said.

Mr Mobiha said his team would also need a vehicle to do mobile operations for rural popondetta areas connected by roads.
"This is so that we can plan and deploy mobile kits to the two districts with a strategy rather than rolling out. So far we have done plans to set up office in Popondetta Provincial administration yard," he said.

Mr Mobiha assured Governor Juffa that NID office will operate a separate ledger on funding received from Oro for transparency and reporting purposes.