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Milne Bay Province of PNG

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Milne Bay Province

General Information


Provincial headquarters: Alotau

Number of districts: 4 -
Number of LLGs: 16

Number of wards: 394

About Milne Bay

Milne Bay Province covers the southern tip of Papua New Guinea's mainland, from the end of the Owen Stanley Ranges to the coastal plains, as well as many small and large island groups in the Coral and Solomon Seas. The province shares a land border with Oro Province in the North and Central Province in the west. 

While people near Alotau and in the Trobriand Islands can earn moderate incomes from fish, food and betel nut, the rest of the province earns low incomes. Oil palm provides some income, however, the closure of Misima Goldmine has reduced income earning opportunities.

Good roads service the provincial capital of Alotau and run to North and East Capes as well as inland, however, areas on the southern and northern coasts of the mainland remain quite isolated. The islands rely predominantly on dinghy and canoe transport and some commercial and passenger shipping. Only

Kiriwina Island has serviceable roads. Over a day’s travel is needed from the more remote islands to reach a service centre.

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