January 21, 2013

Kairuku District of Papua New Guinea


A dancer from Kairuku district
General Information
District headquarters: Bereina/Konedobu
Number of LLGs: 4 - Hiri Rural, Kairuku Rural,
Koiari Rural, Mekeo Rural
Number of wards: 75
About Kairuku-Hiri

Kairuku-Hiri district is Central Province and it surrounds Port Moresby and stretches from Gulf Province to Gaire Village, south east of Port Moresby.
 The inland areas in the Owen Stanley Range include the Sogeri

Plateau and the area surrounding the Kokoda Track.
Port Moresby markets offer high income-earning opportunities
for the sale of food and betel nut, however there is also strong

population pressure on the flood plains around Bereina and in the settlement areas north of Port Moresby, with high intensity cultivation being practised on land with a poor potential for agriculture. The most disadvantaged communities are those living along the Kokoda Track. The land surrounding these

communities has poor agricultural potential and there is poor access to services.


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