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Nomane Criticizes PNG Treasurer Ling-Stuckey for Avoiding Key Economic Issues

 Papua New Guinea Deputy Opposition Leader James Nomane has called on Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey to address the critical economic challenges facing the nation, instead of "boasting about his expertise in borrowing." Nomane, who also serves as the shadow minister for treasury, finance, economy, and rural development, emphasized the need for the treasurer to focus on issues impacting citizens' lives.

James Nomane

Nomane highlighted that Ling-Stuckey had accused the opposition of spreading falsehoods about the economy while diverting attention by discussing his borrowing skills and the technicalities between 'flow' and 'stock.' According to Nomane, this was an unnecessary display of supposed economic prowess.

Without resorting to blame or obscure jargon, Nomane insisted that the treasurer must explain his strategy for tackling inflation. "What measures will the treasurer take to address the cost-of-living crisis driven by inflation and the continual rise in prices affecting every Papua New Guinean?" he questioned. He also inquired about the employment situation, challenging Ling-Stuckey's claims of economic growth. "Where are the jobs that should naturally result from the alleged economic growth, and how many graduates are finding meaningful employment?"

Nomane reminded the treasurer of his previous statements in Parliament, where he argued that the touted GDP growth, without corresponding employment benefits, contradicts Occam's Razor. He also urged Ling-Stuckey to refrain from interfering with the Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG), allowing it to operate independently to manage interest rates and money supply effectively. "We need BPNG to focus on reducing inflation without the treasurer's interference with the bank's governor."

Nomane called for immediate answers to these pressing questions and urged Ling-Stuckey to stop producing videos countering the opposition's stance. "The treasurer must promptly address these critical issues instead of dismissing the opposition's concerns as dangerous ideas," he stated.

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