PNG Politics : Job Pomat re-elected Unopposed as Speaker of 11th Parliament

Member for Manus Open Job Pomat has been re-elected unopposed as the Speaker of the 11th Parliament.

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He was the only nominee for the position, as the government side used its numerical strength to vote for the Speaker.

Mr. Pomat was nominated by Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta and seconded by Hela Governor, Philip Undialu, and Madang MP Bryan Kramer moved that nominations be closed.

The Speaker-elect received a standing ovation before assuming his seat.

He thanked the members for the honour to serve as Speaker again for the 11th Parliament. 

Leader of PANGU Pati James Marape commended Mr. Pomat for his stewardship of the house.

"Mr. Speaker, let me on behalf of the Parliament but more so those of us on the government side, knowing that you received an absolute mandate from the Parliament, we want to offer our fullest congratulations to you for your ascension one more time into this number one chair in the Parliament."

"And we know and trust that your stewardship of this Parliament will ensure business for our people gets delivered as expected by our people," said Mr. Marape.

Meantime, Mr. Pomat has been rushed to Government House where he will be officially sworn in by the Head of State Sir Bob Dadae before returning to Parliament to oversee the election of the Prime Minister.


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