PNG Elections : Loloata Camp Swells to 82 Elected Members

 The Loloata camp led by Pangu Pati has announced its numbers have increased to 82 as of this afternoon.

PANGU Pati leader James Marape announced at a press conference on Loloata Island. 

NBC noted the latest party to join is the New Generation Party which has won a seat in the Hiri Koiari Seat.

Elected MP Keith Iduhu was among the group at the press conference. 

Kandep MP Don Polye for THE Party and Oro Governor Gary Juffa, leader of the Peoples movement for change were also at the conference.

Mr Marape says they are embracing some parties they are joining as well as more independents.

He said the Loloata camp will form an inclusive coalition government presently cultivating what they will do together for the people.

Mr Marape says there is no split in the Loloata camp and once they form a government the high-priority task will be to pass a  supplementary budget in September.


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