Marape makes a bold statement to resign if Pangu Parti fails to form the next government

The Prime Minister and Tari-Pori MP James Marape made a bold statement in Hela Province yesterday (Thursday) that he would resign as their MP if his ruling Pangu Pati did not form the Government after the 2022 elections.

His statement before thousands of people in Tari after he was nominated shows his confidence in retaining the Open Seat.

He thanked his people for their undivided support for him over the last 15 years in Parliament.

Mr Marape says he wants Pangu Pati to have the numbers for the Governor-General to invite them to form the Government.

He says he has already told the Pangu caucus that if they do not get the invitation to form Government, he will resign as party leader, and as Tari-Pori MP.

Mr Marape says Tari-Pori has transformed over the last three years with a new airport runway and terminal, the Hulukumaiya Haus, National Development Bank and many other developments because all levels of government worked together under his leadership.

The Prime Minister, after nominating, travelled to Komo-Margarima to support his Pangu candidate Manasseh Makiba.

Hela Governor and Pangu strongman, Philip Undialu, was also nominated.

Mr Marape and Governor Undialu will address the people of Hela in Tari today (Friday).

Source: NBC News /One PNG News

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