PNG's NHC to provide affordable houses starting 2022

 The Papua New Guinea National Housing Corporation has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with developers to construct affordable housing at Duran Farm in NCD at 8 mile.

The developers are China State Construction Engineering Corporation and PNG Resource Limited.

Housing Minister Justin Tkatchenko and NHC Managing Director, Henry Mokono signed the agreement with the executives of the developers.

The multi-million Kina Duran Farm housing Project at eight-mile in the Nation’s Capital will soon commence following the signing of a memorandum of agreement with developers in Port Moresby.

This is in line with the Marape Government’s priority to provide affordable and decent housing for public servants throughout the country. 

Speaking at the signing ceremony this afternoon, Housing Minister Justin Tkatchenko said his department had advertised a public tender to interested parties that would like to partner with the N-H-C to provide low-cost housing. 

The Commission received more than 15 applications from credible companies that went through an independent process on whether these companies had the ability to produce low-cost housing between the range of K100,000 to K400, 000. 

Of this only five companies were selected and that included C-S=C=E=C and PNG Resource Limited. 

Three other companies are expected to come on board early next year. 

Under this agreement, each of the contractors will be allocated 500 allotments to develop over a period of time. The project is looking at erecting more than 2000 houses at Duran Farm over a period of time.

However, the total cost of the project between the state and the new contractors in terms of land and construction work is yet to be made known. 

A Representative of the China State – says the company is not new to PNG – having built the Butuka Academy and also Hilton Hotel and is pleased to partner with NHC in the development of affordable housing in PNG. 

Meantime, the 60 houses which were built by a Chinese contractor on the farm will be demolished early next year.

These 60 houses were constructed using lethal materials – asbestos, which poses health risks on human lives and may cause cancer. 

Minister Tkatchenko says an Australian contractor was awarded the contract to demolish the houses so that the new developers can finally kick start the low-cost housing project at Duran Farm early next year. 

Source: NBC News/One PNG News

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