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PNG Correctional Services receives masks and hand sanitizers from NCC

 THE NATIONAL Pandemic Response Control Centre (NCC) supplied 200 boxes of personal protection equipment (PPEs) to the PNG Correctional Services last week Friday (7 August 2020) at the Morauta Haus.

The PPEs included 40 boxes containing 2,000 face masks each. The other 160 boxes contained 120 hand sanitizers each.

Deputy Commissioner Operations David Suagu while receiving these items thanked the Controller, Mr David Manning and the NCC for the items.

“On behalf of the CS Commissioner I would like to thank the team from the National COVID-19 Control Centre, the Prime Minister, the Controller and the Health Department and everyone else who contributed in making it possible for us in getting these equipment. Hopefully next week we will distribute and send these PPEs to correctional institutions across the country,” Mr Suagu said.

Chief Inspector Florian Luvi from the NCC team acknowledged the Correctional Services partnership in the fight against the COVID-19 as front-liners.

“We are front-liners if one or two of us are down and obviously there is a gap so it is important to protect ourselves in this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic," Mr Luvi said and urged the CS to supply the equipment to its officers across all jails to protect themselves against the pandemic.

Deputy Commissioner Suagu in agreement said, "In this second round of COVID-19 we have witnessed a steep increase in people contracting the virus. Therefore, it is of great importance all members of PNGCS must work within the COVID-19 Prevention Protocols, because we care for other human beings and we need to protect them as well.”

Controller Manning said it is his intention to ensure that all frontline workers involved in the fight against COVID-19 either directly or indirectly are protected at all cost. He said as of last week and going forward members of the RPNGC, the PNGDF and the Correctional services including all other government officers engaged at the National Control Centre will be issued with masks and hand sanitisers.

"There is no cure yet for COVID-19 but we can defeat the disease by abiding by the COVID-19 health protocols and using face masks and hand sanitisers," Mr Manning said.

David Manning, MBE, DPS, QPMController

National Pandemic Response

(Photographs and captions below:)

From left: CS Deputy Commissioner Operations David Suagu, Chief Inspector Florian Luvi, Chief Inspector RICHARD T. Mandui, Assistant Commissioner Bougainville Corrections Vincent Kundi, Inspector Godfrey Cosmos and Policewoman Verena Erick received the PPEs from the NCC at the Morauta Haus last Friday. Pic CS Media.

Two truck loads of PPEs from NCC being off-loaded at CSHQ last Friday. Pic CS Media.

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