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Returning Fiji soldiers cleared of COVID-19

The first round of COVID-19 test for the 162 Fijian soldiers who have recently returned from Sinai have come out negative.
Minister for Health and Medical Service Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete confirms the soldiers have all been cleared in this round of test.
Dr Waqainabete says the soldiers went through thermal screening and temperature check upon arrival on Saturday and was subjected to the COVID-19 infectious control measures at the airport.
Dr Waqainabete told FBC News, the soldiers will go through all the requirements before they are fully cleared.
“For this group because the numbers are big, they are using two facilities I believe. Before they finally go home, they have to be tested again and they have to be COVID-19 negative before they go home.”
The Health Minister says the process developed by the Ministry of Health in consultation with development partners will remain to prevent the possibility of a second wave of the disease.
The 162 soldiers were serving with the Multinational Force and Observer mission in Sinai in the past year and are being quarantined in Nadi.


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