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Ex Policeman arrested for false rumors about killings in Goroka

A former policeman from Eastern Highlands was arrested last week for spreading rumors about kidnapping and killings related to cult activities in Goroka.

The man in his 50s was apprehended by police and charged for spreading false information following reports to police.

It was alleged that the man was making claims in certain public places telling people that a group of criminals are going around kidnapping and killing people removing their body organs in Goroka.

Eastern Highlands Provincial Police Commander David Seine Jnr who had to address a crowd outside the police station early last month cleared the rumours that circulated the streets and personally questioned the suspect last week.

The former policeman explained that he was only telling the people what he heard from two other police officers.

Mr. Seine said the two accused police officers will be identified, arrested and charged accordingly for their acts.

The man is on a K1, 000 bail while the police officers have denied the accusations and told to provide their affidavits before PPC Seine.

Police in the province have confirmed 7 deaths in the past 3 months (Jan-March) mostly related to alcohol, one brutal murder of a couple and drowning of a child.

Meanwhile, Goroka General Hospital Morgue OIC David Auwo has confirmed the 7 bodies being placed at the morgue having no signs of missing organs further confirming that the rumors are not true.


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