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As Papua New Guinea enters the fourth week of the State of Emergency to combat the spread of Covid-19, locals in Bougainville are concern of an impending shortage of protein in the province.

This is attributed to a massive breakdown in the supply chains as movement of people, goods and services have also been suspended.

Bougainville Emergency and Disaster Coordinator Linus Sahoto says wholesales and stores have less protein on shelves if the trend of complying with SOE restrictions continue.

He says they might run out of protein food in the coming weeks if supply chains are not fixed.

Sahoto also confirmed that the people on Nissan Island are also experiencing an unprecedented food shortage with their crops devastated by a series of extreme weather events due to constant torrential rain.

The 7,500 islanders fear that the unusually heavy rains are related to the impacts of climate change.

With assistance of 4000 rice bails yet to be received from the Autonomous Bougainville Government, the situation is becoming increasingly dire with reports of children being injured collecting food from tall trees.

Sahoto, says the people are getting along by fending for themselves.

Meanwhile, the ABG government through the disaster and emergency office has donated 280 bales of rice and 80 cartons of noodles to flood affected villagers in Mainuki village, in South Bougainville.

This comes after flood waters destroyed nearly 10 families, washing away food crops, and homes and with nearly 100 people displaced.

Sahoto says the emergency assistance is aimed at restoring the livelihood of the vulnerable families in Mainuki village.

Mainuki villagers have been warned to move up to higher grounds to avoid further destructions.

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