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Do not Spread False Rumours : PNG SOE Controller

Controller of the COVID-19 State of Emergency and Police Commissioner David Manning has warned that anyone who disseminates
false information during the SoE will be arrested and charged

Mr Manning made this statement following false allegations posted on
Facebook that Health Minister Jelta Wong had awarded a K50m contract to Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd for the supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the State of Emergency.

“This is totally false. No such contract was ever given. As the
Controller of the SoE, I am the legal authority under the Emergency
Orders for procurement and direction of the SOE personnel and supplies and deny that any such contract was issued to Borneo by the Minister for Health.

"These are very damaging and unfounded allegations made on social media aimed at one thing and that is to discredit government efforts to date and to derail the positive advances we have made in the fight against COVID-19 as a united force.

“I have directed our Cyber Crime team to investigate and pinpoint
the origins of these malicious rumors at such a sensitive time. Those responsible for spreading the false and malicious lies will be
severely dealt with.

“Furthermore I ask the public to abstain from making allegations at
such a time as this and let us help you stay COVID-19 free,” Mr
Manning said.
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