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Settlements in PNG must have access to Water : Kramer

The National Security Council has discussed with state entities concerned to ensure all settlements have access to water during the coronavirus pandemic.

The government’s SOE spokesperson Police Minister Bryan Kramer says this is because the key to fight coronavirus is washing hands and hygiene.

Kramer says this means those that have their water supplies cut off will be given priority.

Meantime Kramer says a committee will be set up to look at food supplies in all supermarkets and under the powers of the SOE controller they will issue a notice to all shops to have sufficient supplies.

He says if the supplies will have to come in international container ships, the government will ensure they get it.

And like the panic buying seen happening in other countries, Mr Kramer says the committee will ensure shops take the responsibility of putting up signs that allows customers to buy only one or two of certain items.


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