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Juvenile Posing with Gun on Facebook arrested for car robbery

One of several juveniles who is alleged to have posted on Facebook showing a gun in his posession was arrested for armed robbery and motor vehicle theft on February 19.
The juvenile whose identity is being withheld was among a group of armed thugs who allegedly held up a woman at Butubutu Street Gerehu and stole the victims car. The victim alerted a passing police unit attached to Gerehu Police Station and this crime incident was then broadcasted on the police radio Communications network. Fox unit 202 and a Delta Unit (Dog Unit) responded by driving towards the Gerehu swamp where they spotted tyre imprints in the mud leading towards the swamp. They traced it and eventually found the car. The juvenile was allegedly caught at the scene, detained, charged and later referred to the Constabulary's Juvenile Justice Section.

Pictures: The suspect arrested at the crime scene with the recovered stolen car, and pictures of young boys posing with a gun extracted from a Facebook account.
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