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ABG's Vital Task to Ensure Bougainvilleans wish for Independence is fulfilled

ABG has a huge task on hand to ensure the people of Bougainville get their final wish for independence says Minister for Economic Development and Member for Selau Honorable Joseph Watawi.
The minister told the ABG House of Representative that the people of Bougainville have voted 98 percent in favor of independence and will now be keenly watching all the steps that will be taken forward after the declaration of the referendum results.
Mr Watawi said the leaders must be conscious of this and ensure that the region’s economic development platform is secure to guarantee that people’s aspirations and their future including the region’s economic and fiscal status.
He said Bougainville must be innovative and creative over the next five years as these will be the most trying years for the region and the greatest challenge will be to fund and successfully implement any development plans in place.
He urged the leaders and public servants to be passionate in delivering better and bigger economic development results and outcomes for the people for the new emerging country.
He added that the only way forward is to build a solid base for further growth and prosperity.

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