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Police in Enga issue 7 Day eviction Notice to Street Vendors

Police in Enga have issued a 7-days eviction notice to street vendors conducting their business at Pawas Market to pack up and leave the place , in a bid to clean up the town.

This was part of a police initiative under Provincial Police Commander Acting Suprintendent Epenes Nili to also provide proactive policing in the province.

PPC Nili made this known when addressing the the street vendors at Pawas Market yesterday.

“Under my leadership as a PPC, I will ensure my policemen closely monitor the area to make sure the town is clean at all times and safe for public movement."

“Wabag is a small town and we need to look after it by doing our business activities in accordance with the rules and regulations set by town authorities.

“I am not here to remove your market and stop you from selling because this is where you earn money and support your family and children.

“You can come in the morning and continue with your market activities i ten meters away from each side of the main road.

Acting Supt Nili said buying and selling on the road causes traffic jams and it also allows petty criminals to rise up to conduct illegal activities causing a rise to law and order issues.

He also highlighted that few weeks ago there was a tragic incident where four people were killed.

“ If the road was clear the four lives would not have been lost," he said.

The street vendors have erected permanent structures and placed their market tables on the foot path along the road from Sakales street all the way to Pawas Betel Nut (Buai) Market and are living with their family members in those semi tucker shops they have built at the side of the road.

This informal sector market has been in existence for nearly 20 years now.

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(Picture :PPC Enga Senior Inspector Epenes Nili addressing the crowd yesterday at Pawas Market in Wabag)

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