Governor Bird Questions PNG Health Minister

East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird has commended the work of the Public accounts committee for touching on issues that are of concern to the people of Papua New Guinea.

Allan Bird said while the findings have somewhat put the spotlight on the health sector, he did acknowledge hard-working health workers in the country who are doing their best to ensure basic health services reach the people.

Governor Bird in his series of questions to the Health Minister in Parliament today (Tuesday 3rd of December), wanted more to be done.

" What we can not deny here Mr. Speaker is that there is evidence of serious breakdown within the health management systems and obviously that has allowed for corruption to creep in.

" I think the important thing Mr. Speaker that our people want to know, we hear about corruption all the time, we hear about the great work the PAC is doing, the more important question is what are we doing about it," Bird asked.

Meantime, the East Sepik Governor wants a decisive action to be taken against companies who are found to be involved in the controversial medical supply operations in the country.

Governor Bird in his series of questions to Heath Minister, Jelta Wong asked if the Minister is prepared to deal with those companies, who involved in the supply contract.

"Secondly, would there be a willingness for the department of Health to take this contract away and give it to Post-PNG and in essence support our effort to reform and restructure our State-Owned Enterprises.

"And finally, what action is the minister contemplating to deal with some of these very alarming and serious revelations that are coming out of the Health Department," Governor Bird asked.

In response, Health Minister Jelta Wong said, he had already written to the Acting Police Commissioner to action the findings of PAC.

Minister Wong said he had also given the names of the officers mentioned and it is now up to the Acting Commissioner to get the fraud squad to start investigating those officers involved.


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