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Four new police bikes allocated to Wewak Police

FOUR new police motorcycles bought for APEC security through the PNG-Australia Policing Partnership Program were allocated to Wewak police in the East Sepik Province last week bringing a great sense of pride and appreciation to members of the constabulary serving in this part of the country.
Donald Yamasombi, MBE, DPS, QPM  Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police  Chief of Operations
Acting Deputy Police Commissioner and Chief of Operations Donald Yamasombi said the last time Wewak residents saw policemen on motorcycles was about 20 years ago. He said this time the younger generation will get a chance to see and appreciate the role of traffic police mounted on these classic looking police motorcycles.
While officiating at the handover ceremony in Wewak last week Deputy Commissioner Yamasombi urged traffic police personnel in Wewak to use the motorcycles wisely and look after them with great care and responsibility.
Mr Yamasombi said apart from performing the role of VIP escorts and doing traffic duties, the motorcycles will be used for public relations.
Members of the RPNGC and AFP officers who accompanied Mr Yamasombi to Wewak last week to witness the handover ceremony also took the opportunity to donate 120 beach balls to the children of Wewak who flocked to the occasion in droves to take a glimpse of the new police motorcycles.
Mr Yamasombi said the gesture shown by the Constabulary and the AFP through the spirit of the PNG-Australia Policing Partnership program was greatly appreciated by the people of Wewak and East Sepik province.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Operations Mr Donald Yamasombi officiating at the presentation of 3 police motorcycles to the people of Wewak in the East Sepik Province.

The happy residents of Wewak, East Sepik Province witnessing the presentation of 3 police motorcycles to Wewak Police. The children were also gifted with 120 beach balls.

Honourable Wewak Member of Parliament Kevin Isifu was happy to witness the presentation of 3 police motorcycles and 120 beach balls to the people of Wewak in the East Sepik Province.

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