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A total of 16 participants graduated from the Honey Bee training workshop in Goroka last week organized by the Eastern Highlands Bee Keepers Association and the Department of Agriculture and Livestock.

Out of the 16 participants, four were women.

Bee Keepers Association Chairman Jonah Buka said the workshop is held twice a year and last week was the first for this year with another similar training scheduled for November.

Mr. Buka said the training is all about training farmers to look after bees to make honey and contribute to the honey bee industry which supports food security in PNG.

A participant from Chimbu John Tahie said he now has some fair idea on how to engage in honey bee farming and will kick start when he returns home.

A female participant Theresa Minimulu said that honey bee farming is ignored by many and such training conducted by Bee Keepers Association and DAL will help train and open minds to venture into the industry.

Regional Director for DAL John Jave said the demand for honey today is high and hospitals are also advising their sick patients to consume honey therefore more farmers need to be trained on how to look after bees.

According to statistics presented by Mr. Jave, the cost for honey per kilo is K9 to K10 with 20kg as the average rate of production in a year by one farmer.

He said the target is to get farmers produce around 50kg per year therefore such trainings will help farmers with techniques to improve honey production.

(Pic Caption: Participants with master trainers posing with their certificates after completing the Honey Bee workshop in Goroka )
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