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Pacific Sprint Queen Wisil Calls for Athletics PNG President to Step Down

PNG’s sprint queen Toea Wisil is calling on Athletics PNG President Tony Green to step down from Presidency for several reasons.

The reasons stated by Wisil include interference with coaching, nepotism and favoritism which affects the training and coaching programs.

Wisil said she has been tight lipped over the 16 years involved with athletics however feels now is the right time to reveal how Athletics PNG executives run the show in PNG.

Wisil noted in the recent Oceania Championships in Cairns where a young female athlete who trained for 4X100 was asked on the eleventh hour to take part in the 4x400, an event which she didn’t train for.

Wisil said the local athletics coaches are puppets to the Athletics PNG executives and follow their decisions without understanding the reals issues affecting athletes.

Wisil is also calling on the PNG Olympic Committee Athletes Commission how headed by former swimming sensation Ryan Pini to intervene in the matter.

Former female athletics rep Sharon Kwarula also shared similar sentiments.

Mr. Green responded via email saying coaches in any sport are accountable to the National Federation which is athletics PNG demanding reports and accountability which is different from interference.
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