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Bougainville Referendum Observer Applications Open

The Bougainville Referendum Commission has invited applications from local and national groups to observe the conduct of the referendum.

Chief Referendum Officer Mauricio Claudio said observer groups provide a critical role in the democratic process by observing whether the conduct of polling and counting is free and fair according to international standards.

BRC is encouraging the participation of local, national and international groups in the referendum, to observe the process, and provide their independent report of polling and counting so that the referendum process is seen as a credible one by all involved, Mr. Claudio said in a statement.

All observers must sign and follow a BRC Code of Conduct for Observation, and carry out their role according to the same principles of the BRC Charter.

“Observers must maintain a high level of neutrality and professionalism to meet international standards. They cannot interfere in the polling and counting process. Their role is to observe only,” Mr Claudio said.

BRC says it observer groups need to be accredited by the BRC.
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