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PM Marape plans to divide Cabinet into two streams

 Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape plans to divide his Cabinet into two streams – one to focus on economy development and growth and the other to monitor internal security.

He will head the first line while whoever is named deputy prime minister will look after the other.

Marape themed his first address to the nation last night on “Taking the country back.”

“In the next few days, I will be announcing my cabinet (made up of) men who will respond to the call of duty,” he said.

“I will be dividing cabinet into two major lines.

“One is the economic sector, of which I will concentrate on as prime minister.

“It will include the treasury, planning minister and economic sector ministries.

“And whoever becomes deputy prime minister (will) manage the affairs of our internal security in the space of law and justice sector, making sure our court house is functional, making sure our police are functional and resourced, making sure our schools are functional, making sure our health services are functional and delivering to the expectations our people.

“We want to make our country a better (and) safe place, where everyone feels safe and secure, where citizens of this country, have equal opportunities in education, health, and business.”

The prime minister called on the people to work together “to ensure Papua New Guinea is fully prosperous”.
“We are a nation of many opportunities,” he said.

“Our nation in endowed with many blessings. Our natural resource put together is the envy of many nations of the world.

“We have natural assets that not too many countries can profess to have.

“We have oil, gold, gas, nickel, copper, agricultural products, timber, fisheries.

“In fisheries alone, 25 per cent of world tuna stock is supplied from catches in our waters.”

Marape paid homage to the seven prime ministers who had served in the past 44 years since Independence and called on “my generation” to take over the reins.

“It is now the time of leaders who belong to my generation,” Marape said.

He praised the 28 MPs who “stood with me in the past 50 days to make this event possible”.

“What took place in the last 50 days since I resigned as Minister for Finance in the (Peter) O’Neill-led government was nothing personal.

“What we did crossed ethnicity, crossed religion, crossed political party boundaries.

“What we did was a generational shift for the (benefit) of the country,” he said.

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