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33 Member PNG Government Cabinet Ministers announced

PNG Prime Minister James Marape has announced 32 Member Cabinet for his government .

The full cabinet announced today are :

Prime Minister James Marape just announced his full 33-men Cabinet in which three former Opposition stalwarts were named.

They are Madang MP and Alligience Party Leader, Bryan Kramer as Police Minister, Sinesine-Yongomugl MP and National Party Leader Kerenga Kua as Petroleum Minister and Wabag MP Lino Tom as Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister.

He named Esa'ala MP and People's Party man, Davis Steven as Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General.


1. James Marape (Pangu), Prime Minister;

2. DAVIS Steven (People's Party), Deputy PM and Attorney-General;

3. SAM BASIL (Melansian Alliance Party), TREASURY Minister;

4. Charles Abel (Our Development Party), Finance Minister;

5. Richard Maru (PNC), National Planning and Monitoring;

6. JOHNSON Tuka (PPP), Mining Minister;

7. Joseph Yopyyopy (MAP), Lower Education Minister;

8. Lekwa Gure (MA), Civil Aviation;

9. Wera Mori (PP), Commerce and Industry;

10. Rainbo Paita (Pangu), Communication, IT and Energy;

11. Wake Goi (PP), Community Development Religion and Youth;

12. Chris Nangoi (MAP), Correctional Service

13. Saki Soloma (Pangu), Defence, Fire, Volunteer Services and Disaster;

14. Soroi Eoe (PNC), Foreign Affairs and Trade;

15. Jeffrey Kama (THE), Environment, Conservation and Climate Change;

16. Dr Lino Tom (PP), Fisheries and Marine Resources;

17. Sir Puka Temu (ODP), Bougainville Affairs;

18. Elias Kapavore (PNC), Health and HIV;

19. Nick Kuman (PNC), Higher Education Research Science and Technology;

20. Justin Tkatchenko (PNC), Housing and Urbanisation;

21. Petrus Thomas (PNC), Immigration and Border Security;

22. Pila Nininga (Pangu), Intergovernment Relations minister;

23. SOLAN Mirisim(Pangu), Forestry Minister;

24. Alfred Manase (PNC), Labour and Industrial Relations;

25. John Simon (Pangu), Agriculture;

26. John Rosso (Pangu), Lands and Physical Planning;

27. Kerenga Kua (NP), Petroleum;

28. Bryan Kramer (AP), Police;

29. Sasindran Muthuvel (Pangu), State Enterprise and Investments;

30. Wesley Nukunj (PNC), Public Service;

31. Emil Tammur (PPP), Tourism, Arts and Culture;

32. William Samb (Pangu), Transport, and;

33. Michael Nali (PNC), Minister for Works and Implementation.
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