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PNG Politics : Government claims to have 60 MPs in camp

Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel said the Peoples National Congress Party remains a solid team despite going through a difficult time.

"Basically we have the numbers intact here in our camp as we speak, I just want to reassure the people of Papua New Guinea that we hear your concerns, they're not falling on deaf ears and the Prime Minister and us have been put under a lot of pressure but ultimately we're sticking together as a team and we want to respond to the cries of our people," said Abel.

Charles Abel 
In a press conference late yesterday evening, Abel claims the Government team has 60 MPs, 29 of which are from PNC and the others from its coalition partners including United Resource Party, Peoples Progress Party, Social Democratic Party and the revamped Pangu Party.

Abel said the numbers seem to be swaying and the government has been put on notice but believes they will sustain through this period.

He expressed gratitude to the coalition partners and maintained that their team is intact.

The announcement came about after the PNC members with its coalition team members held long discussions throughout yesterday.

Though the 60 figure was claimed by Abel, the MPs in the team did not address the media as a group and confirmation by names were not released.

Abel also appealed to the defected PNC members that the door is always open for them to join anytime as they wish.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Milne Bay Governor John Luke Crittin addressed the media on behalf of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill who went into retreat with the other MPs after their discussions.
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