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PNG Politics Updates : Govt Coalition confident of Numbers

The Papua New Guinea government coalition says it is confident it has the numbers to continue to govern for the remainder of the parliamentary term.

In a statement released yesterday, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says the coalition has more than 60 MP's, who are intact and in support of the People's National Congress-led government.

Mr O'Neill says the Organic Law on Political Parties and Candidates passed by the then Morauta Government has ensured the stability of two previous governments over four terms of parliament, and his government anticipates this to continue.

He says this stability has come under threat because of ambitious and self-interested individuals who have not clearly outlined their policies to the nation over the past 20 months.

The prime minister highlighted policies in health, education, infrastructure, the transport sector and others, which he says have benefited the country since his government took power in 2012.

Mr O'Neill says the attempt to destabilize his duly mandated government through threats, intimidation and fake news through social media is happening, calling on the people to refrain from taking part in what he's described as illegal attempts.

Peter O'Neill is blaming the National Alliance party of being the mastermind behind this smear campaign to destabilize his coalition and bring down his government.

No immediate comments can be obtained from the National Alliance to Mr O'Neill's claims.

Meantime, a party caucus of the People's National Congress concluded last night without any firm resolution.

The four hour in-house meeting ended at 10pm.

It was expected in the meeting that Mr O'Neill would make an announcement over his leadership, however, he is confident that he still has the numbers and support to remain as the prime minister.

The government camp number still remains as 60 members as of 10pm last night.

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