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Amet supports PNG's Hosting of International Mediation meet

Former chief justice, Sir Arnold Amet, has welcomed Papua New Guinea's move to host the International Mediation and Arbitration Conference next month, and further moves to join 150 other member countries of the New York Convention on International Arbitration.

Speaking to NBC News from Madang, Sir Arnold says, traditional PNG societies have always practiced mediation to resolve conflicts, but this was disrupted by the western influence of going to court.

Port Moresby will host the weeklong International Mediation and Arbitration Conference from March 25 to 29.

Sir Arnold says going to court is very expensive for many ordinary Papua New Guineans, and the already established Dispute Resolution system of the PNG judiciary must be strengthened to perform to alleviate and speed up matters before the courts.

"Litigation is a western model.

"Going to court costs a lot of money, time and effort, and we don't have the adequacy of lawyers and people don't have the money.

"So we've just become a litigious society. We take everything to court.

"So I support the judicial leadership in wanting to bring that conference here and to join that international arbitration and mediation organization.

"I think its the way internationally to try to expedite dispute resolutions and not to be bogged down in costly expensive litigation," Sir Arnold said.

NBC News
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