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Australia Supports K3.5 million to grow Galip nut industry in PNG

The Australian Government announced further support to develop the galip nut industry for an additional three years with A$1.5 million (K3.5 million).
This follows its success with the commercialisation of the galip nut in East New Britain Province via the Australian Centre for Agricultural Research’s (ACIAR) Transformative Agriculture and Enterprise Development program.
Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis announced the ongoing support to ensure the development of the commodity goes beyond current beneficiaries in East New Britain over to other regions in the north of the country growing the nut.
“Through work that has been going on through combined efforts of Papua New Guinea and Australia for some years we have been engaged in five projects in transformative agricultural work,” he said.
“Agricultural enterprise and that in particular has involved the University of Adelaide, University of the Sunshine Coast and NARI.
Galip Nuts at Kokopo market in East New Britain, Photo by: Isaac Burege
“To date those five projects which this is one have had a budget of around A$3.5 million. I am pleased to say that there will be a second phase to this transformative project work between 2019 and 2021 and will be for around A$1.5 million.
“This is very much an indigenous Papua New Guinean product and one that we are very pleased to be associated with.”
The project involved researching the varieties and looking at production methods both of which Mr Davies said the full potential would emerge from.
“It is such a great story of making sure that growing small and diverse opportunities particularly in East and West New Britain and more generally in PNG we’ve seen the thought go into our trade potential to emerge from this and to have, particularly, the City Pharmacy group take the lead in market testing in Moresby here I congratulate you on taking that initiative and supporting our home grown product,” he said.
“A product that can now carry to the important addition to the Papua New Guinean agricultural sector is important.”
He concluded by congratulating ACIAR for its work into the project and throughout the region. Post Courier/ONE PNG/Statement
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