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Joy as EU set to fund TVET upgrade in East Sepik

It was a proud moment for the community at Yawasoro Vocational Centre in East Sepik Province during the ground breaking ceremony for the upgrade of the facilities and equipment which will be funded by the European Union under the Human Resources Development Phase 2.
The event was described as the first ever major development since the centre was first established in 1988.
The celebration was low-key but that did not dampen the mood of staff, students and the community members which turned up to witness the ceremony.
Present at the ground breaking ceremony were officials from Education, National Planning and Monitoring departments and European Union.
The event at Yawasoro marked the major funding assistance from the European Union (EU) towards procuring prefabricated building materials for a total of 10 selected vocational centres, namely Badili and Morata (NCD), Bulolo and Umi (Morobe), Raval & Kabaira (ENBP), Kamaliki (EHP), Yawasoro (ESP) and Pombabus and Laiagam (Enga).
Assistant Secretary, TVET schools operations and management, Asseneth Tugiau, said that the total value of the infrastructure supplied for prefabricated buildings for the 10 selected centres was K37.5 million (euro 9.3 million).
Based on the needs of the 10 institutions, the prefabricated buildings range from classrooms, workshops, teachers’ houses, and student ablutions.
“Currently, contractors are undertaking ground works before proper constructions can start on the school project sites. These buildings will be inspected by relevant authorities after completion prior to student use starting in 2019,” Ms Tugiau said. She said that better workshops, facilities, equipment and tools will enhance and improve the learning outcomes of students at these centres.
As a result of the improvements to infrastructure, tools and equipment, and teacher training needs, it is anticipated that enrolment will increase in the 10 vocational training centres. Ample spaces in classrooms and dormitories will create more opportunities for students of remote areas.
It is expected that significant increase from the current 40, 000 students’ enrollment in vocational training centres will be seen. This is the result of better infrastructure, tools, equipment and teacher training improvements in the ten Centres.
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