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Yangoru-Sausia District declares war on criminals

Member for Yangoru-Sausia district Richard Maru has declared war on criminal elements in the district.
Maru stressed this when speaking of the death of a PMV bus driver killed during a hold-up last week at the Yangoru-Sausia highway.

“I am declaring war on all criminals, my district is declaring war, my administration is declaring war , because we are fed up of all of this” said Maru.

Maru said K75, 000 was given to the police department in Port Moresby for a mobile squad and CID team to leave for ESP to conduct investigation and apprehend all criminals involved in criminal activities from before and not only those in the recent incident.

He said the police personnel will be stationed in Yangoru-Sausia and will conduct investigations until they apprehend those involved.

“We will not tolerate armed criminals and gangs who are carrying out this violent trend of behaviour and creating disharmony in the community” he said.

He said the police team will be travelling this weekend and he also called on the families of those responsible to bring them forward to the police or else face the full brunt of the law.
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