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New PNG University of Technology VC officiates at Graduation

University of Technology acting Vice Chancellor, Dr Ora Renagi, officiated at the 50th graduation ceremony for the first time as the head of the management, after taking over from Dr Albert Schram, just over a month ago.

It was a different scenario at graduation ceremony compared to the last few years where Dr Renagi was Deputy VC and Dr Schram was officiating at the ceremonies.

This week the court ruled against the Dr Schram and upheld the decision of the University council headed by Chancellor Jean Kekedo, in terminating the services of Dr Schram.

Dr Renagi, when officiating at the 50th graduation ceremony of University of Technology, did not dwell much on the recent controversy of the termination of his predecessor Dr Albert Schram.

However he instead focused more on speaking words of blessing and encouragement on the 650 new graduates and challenging them to become development agents and contribute towards nation building.

The acting VC said the country is challenged to apply transformative technology towards responsible and sustainable industrial development.

He said with PNG’s huge natural resources for development in areas of agriculture, forest and fisheries, the geographical and geological advantage is driving developments in the mining, oil, gas and energy sector.

He said the challenge is then to trickle the benefits of this developments towards improving the standard of living for our people.

Meanwhile, Minister for National Planning and Monitoring and Yangoru-Sausia MP, Richard Maru, said as far as the National Executive Council and the government is concerned, the matter has been brought the courts and all decisions now rests with the University council.

NBC News - Gabriel Lahoc

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