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Contractor adamant new Air Niugini Residential Complex not safe

THE contractor responsible for building the new Air Niugini residential complex has persisted with allegations that Air Niugini has continuously and deliberately skirted PNG fire safety regulations in their new building.

Board chairman of Matrix Constructions PNG Limited, Peter Neville, said in a statement yesterday that statements made by Air Niugini management regarding their compliance to fire safety regulations, were not only deliberate misinformation, but also an affront to National Capital District building authorities.

The multi-storey residential complex is at Seven-Mile in Moresby Northeast.

“Despite the assurances by Air Niugini and the PNG Fire Service, Matrix Constructions (PNG) Limited still remain very concerned for the safety and welfare of the staff and residents currently occupying Air Niuginis’ new premises,” Mr Neville said.

Mr Neville said that Air Niugini Limited was only given the permissive occupancy certificate on the condition that they address two areas in which they had failed to meet fire safety regulations which were clearly highlighted in the letter from the PNG Fire Service to Air Niugini on May 25 last year.

He also highlighted that the fact that Air Niugini has officially launched the building and will be occupying it, also represents deliberate defiance of the NCD Building Board.

He said that the NCD Building Board suspended the occupancy certificates on the building on November 29 last year, only to revoke them on February 10 this year due to a persistent non-compliance to fire safety regulations.

“The NCD Building Authority in its revoking of the Permissive Occupancy Certificates on February 10, 2018, stated that there was sufficient evidence that Air Niugini continued to ignore compliance with the fire safety requirements even though the airline general manager was reported as stating that it was in constant communication with relevant authorities,” Mr Neville said.

Mr Neville justified his company’s’ concerns on non-compliance by highlighting that as the contractor, Matrix Constructions PNG Limited were still undergoing a defects liability period which would render them responsible should there be any serious problems with the building. Post Courier/ONEPNG

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