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Digicel assists with earthquake affected areas and restores services as quickly as possible

Papua New Guinea has experienced one of its worst earthquakes in history with lives lost and destruction across the Enga province.

Digicel PNG CEO-Valde Ferradaz, commented “Digicel is a critical part of the infrastructure during a natural disaster period where lives have been lost, and enormous property destruction has occurred. Our communication network is vital for the emergency services, the rescue teams and the Government evaluation teams deployed to assist during these times of disaster.”

“Our network has been effected throughout this region, 66 of our sites not operational from the earthquakes.”

“Our teams were deployed immediately and have responded to this disaster efficiently and effectively. We now have 30 of the towers operational again. We are working to have our network back to full capacity by this weekend to support the requirements of emergency services and Government support teams.”

“In an unexpected disaster, people panic and want to speak with friends and family to ensure they are alive and OK. As a gesture from Digicel to the people of these affected areas. as we return services to each of the areas, we are providing FREE calls for a period of 24 hours to allow people to speak with loved ones.”

“Our six teams plus transmission and tower specialists are working around the clock to re-establish the network to allow the emergency services and rescue efforts to co-ordinate effectively to save lives.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected by this tragedy.”

“We will continue to provide updates on our network as services are restored. Please make full use of the 24 FREE call period as services are re-stored to ensure your friends and family are safe and well,” commented Digicel PNG CEO-Valde Ferradaz.
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