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Tsamalili emphases on investment for change

The Executive Director for PNG Sports Foundation Mr Junior Tsamalili said he will continue to invest his time as the head of Sports in Papua New Guinea with his fellow Bougainvillians through sports.
He made these remarks at the public Seminar hosted by the UMI wan Festival at Bel isi Park today.
As a Bougainvillian, Junior Tsamalili said he will not invest money but he will continue to invest his time in developing Bougainvillian athletes as part of his contributions in unifying Bougainville in preparations towards Referendum.
On the same measure, when speaking about Referendum Process and its benefit on Bougainville, Mr Tsamalili said Bougainvillians must continue to invest most of their time on effects which they believe will bring change in the Communities and Region as a whole.
Instead of investing more time on unnecessary aspects such as home brew which will result in killing of one self, Mr Tsamalili is calling for a better investment of time on measures that will endure a lasting benefit for Bougainvillians and for the future developments in Bougainville.
He said Bougainville does not need a thousand men to make the change but it takes an individual to make the change.
Money will not change Bougainville, it takes an individual and his attitude to make the change, said Tsamalili.
He said that Bougainvillians must invest their time on things that will benefit the next generation of Bougainvillians. New Dawn FM
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