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New Acting Secretary for ABG Economic Development Department

The Department of Economic Development within the ABG has a new Acting secretary.
The acting secretary is CATHY TOROI the daughter of the UNITED CHURCH BISHOP ordained last month, BISHOP ABRAHAM TOROI.
The ABG PRESIDENT CHIEF DR. JOHN MOMIS made the announcement on the ABG Gazette no. 17 of December, 2017.
The President said that under Section 30 and sub section one, of the Bougainville Senior Appointments Act 2014, the Bougainville Executive Council had revoked the appointment of ALBERT KINANI to act in the office of the Secretary for economic development with immediate effect.
The acting appointment is for a period of six months or if the person appointment by the Bougainville Senior Appointments Committee assumes office.
Meanwhile, the ABG President also announced the renewal of MR. GABRIEL PANGTEI to act in the office of the Chief Bougainville Collector of taxes for another six months. New Dawn FM
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