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RSIPF and HCC conduct traffic check

Police traffic officers in Honiara together with the Honiara City Council (HCC) law enforcers are conducting traffic checks in Honiara from 16 - 30 January 2018 as the City Council implements its decision on the new bus routes.

This came about after members of the public raised concerns on some buses that are not complying with the HCC Ordinance on new bus routes and the presence of unlicensed motor vehicles on the road.

“This morning traffic officers started assisting the City Council with their checks for buses which are still running the short bus routes, buses without sign boards, and those charging  $5 bus fares on the short routes,” says Staff Sergeant George Mouli, Supervising Director, of the RSIPF Traffic Department.

Staff Sergeant Mouli adds: “At the same time we are also checking for unlicensed motor vehicles, unlicensed drivers and so forth.”

“I want to remind the vehicle owners and drivers to ensure their vehicles are road worthy and that drivers must hold a valid driving licence to avoid paying hefty fines. Abide by our traffic regulations and ordinances,” says Mr Mouli

Staff Sergeant Mouli thanks the members of the public including members of newly formed Honiara bus association for their continuous co-operation with the RSIPF and HCC.

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