January 1, 2018

Port Moresby Police plan to work with communities

Police in the National Capital District will be embarking on improving its relationship with communities in the nations capital.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N'Dranou says they've designed a strategy ready to be implemented this year.

Chief Superintendent N'Dranou says the plan will also be aimed at addressing car thefts and other criminal activities.

The Metropolitan Superintendent says awareness will be conducted as well to change the behaviour of youths.

"One of our ethics is to work the communities and that is addressing that relationship and doing awareness and other things.

"The youths can use this initiative rather than getting into crime.

"So yes, we have a plan to work with the communities, and that's including the youths."

Meantime, the NCD police boss has commended city residents for observing the Christmas and New Year peacefully.

Chief Superintendent N'Dranou says this is despite reports of criminal activities in parts of the city, including stoning of vehicles, where police vehicles also fell victims to.

N'Dranou says since the start of NCD Police festive season operations, the people of NCD have shown restraint and maturity in the way they've behave.

Chief Superintendent N'Dranou acknowledged that there are areas police could improve on, however, they did their very best to provide a conducive environment for residents during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

"It is our ambition to continue to contribute to improve police services to the people of NCD through partnership between police and the residents.

"And with such support from the city residents, I am optimistic that good things can happen now and into the future.

"Police work can be very difficult but with the public support we can improve police service to the standard that the public deserve.

"At the same time I urge you to offer solutions and be our partners in our effort to work to decrease crime."

Commander N'Dranou also commended all the Police members from the SSD, Police College, Police Band, NCD Dog Unit, Reservists and members of the NCD Police, for their hard work and sacrifice during the Christmas and New Year operations.

NBC News - Eric Tamaan