January 1, 2018


Public Service Minister, Elias Kapavore, says he is committed to work with leaders in the new year, who are transparent and take heed of Godly principles.

Minister Kapavore also told NBC News that the public machinery must change this year, from all its ineffectiveness and every other things it has been criticized of.

He says public servants must serve the people.

"For the past years, the government has committed funding to the provinces and the districts, and so it comes back to good leaders, responsible leaders, on how we can use these funds to achieve the priorities of the government.

"So improving governance, becoming responsible and accountable and the way we deliver service is the key message to our public service.

"We have to commit ourselves. Our people are here, and they deserve to be served better, so we only have to commit ourselves to serving them better."

NBC News - Rose Amos