January 1, 2018

PNG Opposition hopes for accountable Government

The Opposition is hoping for a new year that will bring a more accountable government for the people of PNG.

Shadow Treasurer and Finance Minister, Ian Ling Stuckey, said this when presenting the Opposition's position for the New Year.

Mr Ling Stuckey said the Opposition would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2018 filled with cheaper prices, more jobs, higher incomes, more export opportunities and much better access to government services.

He said the alternate government is capable of delivering those as well as the APEC, much more workable SME initiatives, and inclusive policies that will benefit citizens now coping with low incomes and severe levels of poverty.

Mr Ling Stuckey also said the reality is that most families are facing major increases in the cost of living in 2018, where prices of essential goods and services will rise significantly, jobs especially outside the resources sector will continue to fall and service standards decline.

He further said the alternate government understands where PNG’s wealth resides, and that is in its people’s diversity and richness, its extraordinary beauty and environment, the wealth of its resources and the fertility of its soils, and can be the farm for the rapidly expanding Asian region.

The Shadow Treasurer and Finance Minister, also took time to appreciate the dedication and efforts of hard working Ministers in the current Cabinet, and also wished the Prime Minister and his Deputy & Treasurer, every success in the implementation of the 2018 Budget.  NBC News / One PNG