January 3, 2018

PNG Hunters pre-season training resumes this week

SP Hunters vice- captain Wellington Albert will not be a part of the SP Hunters squad
this season when his PNG LNG Kumul team mates – Captain Ase Boas, Watson Boas, Wartovo Puara, Stargroth Amean, Stanton Albert, Enock Maki, Nixon Putt, Moses Meninga and Willie Minoga – join the pre- season training camp in Port Moresby on Thursday January 4, 2018. Coach Michael Marum confirmed that Wellington Albert
has signed a contract to play with Super League club Widnes Vikings in England.
The 32 players to resume training on Thursday are:
1. Adex Wera
2. Butler Morris
3. Muka Peter Kulu
4. Radley Brawa
5. Sailas Gahuna
6. Wawa Paul
7. William Mone
8. Adam Korave
9. Junior Rau
10. Kennedy Ben
11. Edene Gebi
12. Junior Bobby
13. McKenzie Yei
14. Baunda Aba
15. Julias Yokopa
16. Ila Alu
17. Dilbert Isaac
18. Brendon Gutuno
19. John Andy
20. Charlie Simon
21. Patrick Morea
22. Joseph Konz
23. Clyde Name
24. Ase Boas
25. Watson Boas
26. Wartovo Puara
27. Stanton Albert
28. Willie Minoga
29. Nixon Putt
30. Moses Meninga
31. Enoch Maki
32. Stargroth Amean
Marum said the squad will be reduced to 25 at the end of January. The SP Hunters
play a pre- season match against the Brisbane Broncos in Port Moresby on
Saturday February 24, 2018.